Tuesday, February 10, 2004

A Continuation of the Meditation Process--A Further Inquiry

Now you are ready for the image activation. Place each image into a field of golden flowers. Watch as the image expands and movement occurs. The image is floating barely above the flowers. It merges now with the flowers and the you are breathing in the sweet subtle fragrance of its essence. This is how it comes into being. As this merging takes place, your every breath now brings this into being in the world of form complete with every essential ingredient you've suffused into it.

The first line:
thk )k) hll #hm Ml( +ys yly whw
In the beginning, when the light first arose, the first miracle was to eliminate negativity, which healed the world, bringing the transition or dream making all that was made exactly as it was made. Everything was clear. No doubts or illusions to cloud the ways.
thk )k) hll #hm Ml( +ys yly whw

The second line:

Mqh yrh hbm lzy (hh w)l dl) yzh
All around you is every avenue of awareness bursting with thoughts of love and positive energy. Get out of your own way and resolve to listen and thereby let go of the entropy, leaving it behind. Identify with this all encompassing feeling of unity in every situation. Experience this unity and rejoice in its flowing through you.


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