Monday, March 15, 2004

Kabbalah and Reason

Reason is something that you'll have to let go of. Here on our level we must have our reasons. It is because we are finite thinkers. All of our reasons are time based. The mystery. Who can say. I cannot. However I can discover and then discover again. In this way is reason transcended and understanding-wisdom approached. What is this endless giving and receiving? It is this discovery, these insights, this wisdom, yes a kind of inner knowing. It is difficult to recognize even to communicate to others, yet in its own way it does. What we do in Kabbalah in my thinking about it is to refine our instrument so that we can discern these discoveries and keep making more. When we make a discovery we pass it on so that others may benefit. Yes it is true that we are all one and we all receive these insights, yet part of the receiving process is sending it, as though the transmission is not a complete circuit until it is sent and then sent again. Something happens within. I "hear" a thought which lifts me up. It takes me out of the doldrums. I am excited about this thought. This excitement generates the current-intention to pass this energy along. Someone else picks up on my thought-energy-intention and feels a kinshp with this thinking. They in turn "send" it along. Herein is how the evolution of the universe takes place.


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