Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Everything Works and how it works.

     "Which way did he go, which way did he go? He went that a way. No that a way."
The cartoon character echoes for many the search for spiritual wisdom.
     You find something and then find something else. The truth is
"everything works." We are ultimately asking to experience the totality of being. Inside of this totality there is no lack. We experience being just as we imagine it to be in technicolor, and full of every extra portion. When we reach up every tool will work. It is the act of reaching up and the letting go within that makes this metaphysical process take place. I think of the Infinite as a compressed area of space-time-energy. Our efforts to investigate this mystery are like downloading a zipped file on our computer. We can view the information only when the file is unzipped. This process is the same as decoding the information. Every successful effort in "unzipping
" this information adds to our ability in the future to more easily access the coded-compressed information of the universe. It is an alchemical process of knowing that the answer is there and then allowing this answer to filter through your innermost being. At this point listen well for much can be lost in the translation. The trained mind disregards the egos blockages in order to rise above into the highest interpretations. This can compared to an archer whose target is in the midst of many brightly colored objects. He has to focus on only the target, become the target in effect in order to hit the target. Now what is most important to be determined is what is our philosophical bow and from whence do you project the arrow to hit the mark.
     In order to access this compressed information and thereby bring it to the light of day in the form of your thoughts and the world in which you live, a deeper kind of listening must take place. Not only with your ears do you hear. The internal senses are equipped with an extra special ability to perceive in multidimensional awareness. This perception not only affords us a view of the unknown but allows us to move about with purpose throughout the unknown. In the midst of the most ordinary tasks the unknown can be accessed in order to "change the movie" as the modern Kabbalist would say. This deep listening enable you to become aware of the interfaces arising between the multidimensional realities taking place all around you. Your nexus or reality of being is centered according to the aspects of this multidimensional interface. This type of thinking reminds me of the "assemblage point" spoken of in the writings Carlos Casteneda. When we want to travel in any realm that we are fixed in we use a physical means of transportation. However travel between dimensions is effected by thinking which establishes being. Many times you will be travelling between dimensions and reach a place that looks like you've arrived. Check your feelings. Listen even more intently. Do not be disappointed if your destination hasn't been reached. What you've discovered is a doorway and is simply an opening that will lead you further closer to your destination.
      Each entry way your focus must be renewed and an expansion take place. This expansion is your connection with the totality. Without this connection, there will be no fruition, no point of stasis. When you are there being itself will call to you. That is why your listening takes on the quality of making yourself available. There is no room for any rigid mind set. The operations taking place at this phase are fluid in nature. Reach up and feel yourself carried along by your intention. The process in short.
Expand. Interact. Move On. Rise Above. Let Go. Stay within. Reflect.
      What are the effects of perceiving and proceeding in your thinking following this example?
     Nothing less than inner knowing-outer showing. You will recognize your thoughts turning into form all around you. This lets you see the mind stuff inside of everything and every action. The appearance of time will begin to slow and become as an ebbing tide. Do not be alarmed. This is entirely part of the perceptions that you will experience. Travel through these dimensions does involve a kind of travel through time which is why the perceived time is different from the elapsed time. Your meditations may seem to take eons while in elapsed time only few moments have gone by. Also you are cautioned to avoid the dream state that may come up due to the lack of orientation and the tendency to lose your focus while travelling so. Reinforce your focus seeing both the beginning and the end result. Recognize the gravity of the end result building itself into areas of conformity throughout your journey. These areas of conformity coalesce into and out of view until the designated reference point is reached.
Vast, unbelievably distant areas of space open up as you are approaching your next way point. All navigation is by direct feeling. When you approach the openings the waypoint sends out a resonance signal that your inner being has learned to recognize.
     Here is where you may experience some interference because of the differences in phase between one dimensional reality and another. Confusion in the form of doubts may arise because of the merging nature of the interface. In Kabbalah this area is called Daat because this is where all hidden knowledge arises from, the interface or meeting place between the two dimensions. Another reference for this area is from Gen: 3-24 "So He drove out the man; and He placed at the east of the garden of Eden the cherubim, and the flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way to the tree of life." The sword keeps out doubts and lets those thoughts of unity and inspiration and elevation enter. The Tree of Life is the Unity made of all that is Good. The man that is driven out is the man who entertains those doubts. "Except ye be as children you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven." The same principle here. A childs thoughts are of innocence and very responsive to the inspiration which is the growth inside of them taking place.
     There is another secret contained here and that is secret of emptiness or the void which can also be related to Daat. This is the area of no-thought. The mind is enjoying a respite from its receiving and is simply riding on the flow of its momentum. Much like a ship coming into harbor accelerates briefly before coasting to a stop at its wharf. The coasting and the stop are the moment in between two breaths called Pratyahara in Sanskit. You are to constantly give yourself these respites free of thought. Learn to recognize them especially when you are transcending dimensional realities.
Following these respites think good thoughts. Allow your soul to expand into now the dimension to be entered into. "Lift up ye gates oh ye heavens........." is telling us to enter into the next dimension with a joyful heart and an uplifted mind. The energy of our soul then is so tuned to make the transition smoothly and easily. Try this. Just remember don't look back. Be like the Israelites entering the Red Sea. Whatever your hearts desire is, there is it already made. It is only up to you to make the way and keep it holy every step you take.


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