Friday, March 05, 2004

Ignorance of the Law.

Ignorance of the Law is no excuse. It is always working. It just makes sense to get with the problem instead of swimming upstream all the time.
I am reminded of a story about two Zen Monks in terms of belief.

Two Zen monks were walking in the Forest of Jade on the other side of the Hrutolo Valley having just completed a six month journey in search of enlightenment. Nearing the monastery, Hy-Liu suddenly looks up.

"A vision. It is the land of a thousand paradises. I can almost touch it."

Gui-Zan turned to Hy-Liu, "Stop with your day dreaming we are almost home.

A few more steps and again Hy-Liu exclaims, "Can't you feel the dew drops of nectar?'"

"You've really been on the road too long Hy-Liu. I am going to recommend the master slap you upside your head once we are back in the monastery."

"Quickly. It's this way. Step over here." Hy-Liu shouted excitedly as he rounded a bend in the road.
"This has gone too far, snap out of it............." Gui-Zan said as he rounded the bend and Hy-Liu had disappeared. Gui-Zan walked the rest of the way to the monastery fully expecting to see Hy-Liu waiting for him and laughing at the joke he was playing on him. Hy-Liu wasn't there, nor was he ever seen again.

Enlightenment does come to those who seek it.

Those who turn away are only left with their disbelief. The next moment cannot be described. Only the infinite Now contains all. When it is time to make your move do not hesitate. We really do not have a moment to lose. Each one as precious as the nectar Hy-Liu felt on his face before stepping into the 100 percent reality.


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