Tuesday, March 09, 2004

An answer to is Kabbalah only for Judaism

Consider the sun. Everywhere it shines simulataneous yet at different times and angles for each of us. We all partake of its life giving properties, its spiritual light and physical light. Each of us has a certain capacity for this light. It is the same light. Our ability to make use of this light is inherent to our being. We learn therefore to make better use of this light as we grow in our awareness of this light. The same is true with Kabbalah. It is not a religion, Judaism not withstanding. Kabbalah means to receive. It is a reminder and a way to remember and to learn how to receive the inner light inside of more dimensions of life. It is about opening to oneself and then to be able to share that opening with others. The simple act of thinking and of thinking on high awakens Kabbalah within.
Yes absorb what light you can and yes it may be qualitatively different in terms of your understanding and ability to share this light. It is the quality of sharing that light that demonstrates your understanding of the light you are "taking." Think of sharing as transmitting-sending. When you succeed in sharing that light another connection is made thereby increasing so to speak the throughput for that light making it contain more information, just as when the throughput for an Internet connection is widened through a T1 or cable line enabling faster speed of transmission and the ability to carry more data to more places. Case in point is your question which will now through this answer demonstrate the answer to your question which is that it isn't your "religious background" that matters here in terms of Kabbalah, but your willingness to be open to what Kabbalah can teach you through opening up your soul-being to becoming a light connection.


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