Thursday, March 04, 2004

An answer to Proof of Metaphysics to a scientist posing the question

First of all thank you for all of your comments and questions. The metaphysical realm can not be duplicated in experiments because it is the nature of metaphysics to deal with the inner workings of the consciousness of a person, mainly your very own person. You do not believe. I accept that. The question is do you want to believe and don't know how or do you want to prove to others that what they believe is wrong. In the first case I can speak to. The second case is a lost cause because those who have received these inner proofs consider them the most precious parts of their lives.
Believe it or not I have conducted metaphysical experiements which lo and behold I have verified within myself. These experiments have taken place over the years and mainly are concerned with cause and effect. My first real experiment came with my songwriting. I started out writing songs about lost love, unrequited love, you know the kind of melanchology, "Since I lost my baby" type of songs. One day I realized that my life was mirroring these songs right down the line. I then decided to "change the movie" as they say at the Centre. I said to myself. What do I want to experience. Then I wrote the first of now thousands of songs all with a similar theme of being conscious of what I wanted to be. Here are the words:
"I want to do you in a song.
We'll laugh the whole night long.
I'll put your picture on my wall
and my melodies will be in your heart."

Four months after writing this song I met my wife. We've been married 23 years. Guess what.
She is an artist. Her pictures hang on the walls of our home and of course my melodies are in her heart. She has been singing them for all that time. You can imagine what a powerful symbol this song and its effects have had on me. The song was pure and contained my prayer. I have no doubt that it was answered, that my searching for love had been outpictured.
I have had similar experiences with other prayers and have found that yes prayers are answered, thoughts do find their way into form and it certainly inspires the certainty of this process so that I continue to pray in such a way.

I cannot blame you or fault you for your thinking. What good is it if you cannot reproduce it? Well in a way you can but it would have to come with some effort on your part. There aren't any machines for this kind of thing. The effort is internal. For example when you feel angry towards another and then are able in the instant to let go of that anger, there is a transformation of energy. Had you continued with your anger it would have drained you emotionally whereas letting it go frees your mind to go where it would go. Metaphysics and Kabbalah are methods for transforming the internal energy. I have witnessed many events where a change of mind produced a remarkable effect on the outcome of the event. Part of the problem with verifying any proofs is that there is a time delay between the cause and the effect.
Most do not remember the cause and therefore cannot attribute an effect, therefore where's the proof? Part of being a metaphysical scientist or Kabbalist is to train the mind to remember. Only then are there verifiable effects. These experiments of course aren't always successful. Some prayers are answered others it may seem that they are not answered. What this I have found depends upon is Intention, the focusing of that which Kabbalists call I Am. I won't go any further because I sense perhaps this is enough for now for you. You are intrigued otherwise you would not be here. For a Kabbalist nothing is if by chance. There are meanings everywhere. In keeping with this, please see a post called "Revealing the Inner Dimensions" which gives a step by step approach to the process I am speaking of. Apply these steps to the world of physics and see how similar the physical and the metaphysical operate. This post is from June of 2003 which just happens to be here now to offer as support in this answer. Hmmm.


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