Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Mystery 1st posted 6-26-03 Kabbalah Centre

All that is ever asked of you is to contemplate the mystery. It is through this contemplation that all things you experience in life will take place. While contemplating the mystery all chaos and confusion will begin to leave your life so that in their place will only be the contemplation of the mystery.
There is no one who knows what the mystery is. Accept this. It may make all the rest much easier.
The mystery would have you build certainty into your expressions of its meaning. This would seem to be ironic because of the unknowable nature of the mystery, but nonetheless, this building of certainty most assuredly must take place. Certainty is without doubt, an emotional feeling brought about after all reasoning has taken place. This emotional component is entirely unexpected, yet necessary for the evolving nature of our relationship to the mystery. The ego cannot establish certainty. Certainty can only be established by the mystery. Certainty is the mechanism whereby the unknowable becomes known. Certainty is a preparation for the expansion of the unknown in a manner both fulfilling and orderly.
Allow the mystery to operate freely. This means that your plan making does not have to go into every little detail. Prepare to invest your time in making the connection and then letting it go. You will know the status of the operation by the way you feel. The way you feel depends on your efforts in regarding to building certainty at each step along the way.
You have a choice to put your attention to making and maintaining the connection or ignoring and cutting off the attention. Both of these choice take time so the it really is up to you.
This principle is the same one as in fertilizing a empty field where it is your thought which is the field and the mystery the fertile presence or substance. Allow enough space between thoughts to let them grow just as you would in planting sprouts for the vegetables or flowers you are sowing. Without space to grow weeds or the ego proliferates. Still even with space to grow you must be watchful for any signs of the ego’s lingering presence. Such signs are depression, anger, illness, lethargy, any reactive behavior.
You must take ownership of the spaces in your mind. Any unwanted thoughts must be sacrificed and let go of. Allow enthusiasms to fill your sphere of mentality with light and promise. Be free to let your creativity have free reign to bring you to this higher awareness. Start wherever you are right now. It doesn’t matter where you are. You could have been sad for lifetimes. It’s okay. Begin now to actively engender the light.
At first the intensity of the light is so bright that you may shrink away from it. You may not feel worthy. Cancel once and for all those feelings of unworthiness and the root their unnatural growth. This is not only your responsibility but part of learning how to cause the flowers of your expression to grow. This definitely changes the movie.
There is always one sure fire way to change the movie and restore the natural balance-harmony of things. That is to connect to Torah. Connecting to Torah can be through the 72 names, Ana Bekoach, SHMA, Arominchah (my personal favorite), any of the daily services, morning, afternoon or evening, or through direct reading of the Torah. Here scanning is just as good as reading. In every place of Torah there lies the entryway into the 100 percent reality. The connection or plug in time can be as short or as long as you have need of. Feel the response as through you Torah spreads out to fill your life and your vision with light. Through Torah, the mystery unfolds and you become apart of something so incredible that nothing else matters anymore. You feel like sharing and in fact cannot help but sharing. That is its very nature. Go now and plug-in. Let the light shine therefore forever in your hearts and minds. .


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