Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Wonder is the reason for remembering.
The movie changes moment by moment. It requires a subtle eye to recognize these differences but be assured they are occuring all around you. These changes are in response to your thinking and the direction of your thinking. What is most amazing is that these times of recognition occur even when in the midst of apparent confusion either in the circumstances of your life or the state of being in your mind. What they offer is the way out of confusion by allowing you to focus your energy on that which is real. The reality of a situation is your ability to recognize the unity of your being within such situations. An almost imperceptible shift occurs and the promised land comes into view as on an early morning sunrise when just the whisper of light appears.

Look for that light and then feel it rising up around you filling you and your world with a majesty pervading every fibre of your being. The funny thing is that even as this miraculous event is taking place nothing seems to be at first different and then like the sudden appearance of the first bright rays of the sun, you know deep down everything is okay.

Look for that light no matter where you are in time or space. It is always there working its magic all throughout everything.

Look for the that and therefore open your heart in timeless awareness, your being flowing in and out of time as one who has known divinity and chooses this expression of being called life in this body.

Look for that light as everything becomes brighter for you. Consider not the effects in the moment but rather know the moment is having the effect of light upon you. It is very important to stand where you can see the light all the time. That is why you resist negativity, anger, reaction and the like because then your view is blocked and you seem to be in darkness. No this is not the case ever because all it takes is a moment just like this one in order for you to realize the truth of your being and that you are not ever alone. Reading these words here is a reminder that the light is here for you.

Be watchful in the simple things and grateful for their peaceful being. You do not have to do anything other than be open and know that your time is right now. No other moment has been placed before you.

Continue in each moment with this awareness. Remember oh dearest one precious to mine eye, tender to my touch, warm in my embrace. Unfold with me into the beautiful palace of being there in the very heart of your soul. All along such a treasure you carried and now it is revealed to you.

It is the treasure of a thousand lifetimes filled with the understanding of unity. Let this oneness of being overflow within you and know that there is no end. It is all a continuation. Imagine if you will your favorite movie as the happy ending plays on the screen. Perhaps in this scene the happy couple are standing smiling on their doorstep as the camera pulls back to reveal the credits, or maybe just you are looking off into the distance, a brilliant panorama before you, you and your soul mate are leaving on a journey into eternity.

Then with the brightest of futures ahead of you, the movie credits pause and your life of happiness continues and grows even better from there. Take it to the limit and then go beyond. It is imaginations source that is driving you and opening up each vista of blissful remembrance within. Keep this vision going and then be at peace at your life emulates the vision and you act through the light of your awakened understanding. Do this now in the name of the highest moment. Do this for those moments past and yet to come healing everything by unity. Accomplish harmony. Stop time by unity. Let each moment respond as it will to your direction within which is guided ever by that Light, by that source by that ineffable point within a myriad of foci.

Expect the miraculous. Live now. Peace and manifest Being ensue. The connections are strengthened and magnified.

Congratulations and then congratulations again.

Happy New Year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Kabbalah is listening to the One Source. Yes by this definition All is One.

This is a tricky one though because the Ego says that there is separation, that we didn't want to receive all of the light or wanted just a little light or wanted to get the light by ourselves. Any of these tricks by the ego are simply for its own perpetuation.

The Ego stays in business, takes all your money (10 percent and more) and goes out to make more converts for its cause, using your capital as advertising. Laughable really is the extent to which the ego would deny unity. The Ego and its reasoning would have you work lifetimes to achieve unity. The Ego preys upon us when we are at our weakest offering bread crumbs while we are passing up the banquet offered by One.

One could never deny itself. One is all you need. One is now. The fast track to One is to realize in this very moment that all of your joy and good surround you now. Return to your good when you are distracted by the Ego's claims. Even in the midst of the madness of the Ego, One is always there playing the same simple melody. Join in this harmony.

Some define Kabbalah as the Tree of Life, the Sephirot, Torah, Bahir, and Zohar. These all are simply byproducts or what comes of participating in Kabbalah. Listen for and to your good. Keep up this attention using every opportunity to expand it. One is here. How could it not be so?
More important than any prayers or affirmations is the spontaneous recognition of your good everywhere all at once throughout infinite dimensions in time and outside of time.
There are countless instruments faith but the true faith resides in the heart of the believer. The 72 names, the prayers, the rituals, the holidays all are symbolic of faith but they are not what faith really is. Faith is seeing directly into the center most concentration where One is all. It is from this recognition and follow through that faith is not only proved, reborn, and resurrected but it becomes eternal.
Every single one of our aspirations comes from One by the mediation of One says the Emerald Tablet of Hermes. Timelessness results. Letting go of time, it takes no time to bring forth all of your good.

Monday, December 29, 2003

Kabbalah is "learning how to think for yourself." It is a methodology of thought through symbolic representation leading to "mind over matter." The "matter" is your world, its circumstances, it's population, your relationships, your finances, your home, everything is affected by your thinking.
The Bible can be characterized by "my fathers house has many mansions." These mansions are the various meaning that can be discerned from the narrative, the Hebrew letters, and various commentaries throughout the years. These are veils of understanding.

The more acquainted you become with the Bible the more understanding is revealed. This is because the Bible is written outside of time and is therefore not a static writing. Meanings on the surface often mask the jewels of higher wisdom were on to look more deeply. Just as in life we are to look more deeply to find our own way, so too when quoting the Bible we can find out much more by remaining philosphers rather than using the cut and dried logic of a lawyer. We would do well to follow Jesus Christ's example in our studies.
Remember Kabbalah is a method best learned by your own internalization. Only you can think your thoughts. Only you can recognize the unity of your own thinking. Taking it a step further, only you can realize that unity speaking through you.
Kabbalah is for you to discover. The books that promote or suggest in any way the validity of witchcraft, astrology, etc in terms of Torah study or as a part of Kabbalah study are to be read in between the lines. Take the best, ignore the rest. Don't let someone else's interpretation ruin what could be for you a lifetime of revelation. There is much in the Torah that is offensive.
The senseless slaughtering of whole nations, its treatment of women as property, the elevation of the priesthood, several examples of violence, etc. Remember Moses came down the second time from the mountain with the ten commandents which he wrote as dictated by G-d. The first time G-d wrote these commandments but they were destroyed as a consequence of the Golden Calf incident.
Therefore nothing in the Torah is directly written by G-d. It is written about G-d by man and therefore may suffer in the translation. That's what I make of those writings which are not as divinely inspired as others. Taken as a whole the Torah stands as a remarkable document of man's meditation on G-d. As with other writings, take the best, forget the rest. Consider the source. Perhaps in the end this is the prime commandment that a study of thought or thinking-Kabbalah can help us remember.

Friday, December 19, 2003

You really don't have to work hard at all to regain your orientation inside of the One Will. In fact hard work will take you outside of the Eternal Flow. Hard work means your choices are based on eternal influences such as the ones named above. Let go of the past and future and be here now.
Life inside of the One Will lifts you up in each moment but there is no sense of "down." It becomes natural to survey all you see without owning it. Acceptance of your part increases your active participation. Your gifts are then called upon, awakened and utilized for the benefit of all. Yes it is a safe bet to spend your life inside of a philosphy of free will which lets you know your boundaries, its limits set by the authority of the moment. However this does not promote the growth that is natural to all unified spirit. Most cannot and will not give up their free will even though by such an action they are tying themselves to everything less than the "One Will." It is Creation itself that you in your identification are unified with. It is only through the expansion of the all encompassing Mind that Unity is arrived at in every moment. In the face of such overwhelming Being, religion becomes superfluous, a veil worn through with time and age. It is disturbing to realize that there is no creator only the unity of Creation represented by the Goddess in times past. What you think you know you can never know. It is when you face and become the unknown that truly the life of One is enjoined.
Forget about changing the movie. The movie of free will is static, revolving only around itself. The One Will moment by moment proceeds in eternal revelation-discovery. How could there be any limits whatsoever. I know this is hard to grasp especially when all of these other concepts tie up the creator in a neat bundle. However it is so much more incredible than we can imagine that for now I let go of all of these imaginings and pay close attention to this right now surfing as it were along the roaring breakers of mind stuff.
  • It really is what we see is what we get. We can make it whatever we want to even assuming that a creator could create anything less than perfect. After all it's our vision. Perfection, that is the timeless moment, the holy instant, etc., connect us to this perfection making possible miracles night and day, continually as our focus makes itself right. We learn to walk in all ways contrary to the world. Our steps are not so much as those of our creator's as those of creation itself. You cannot separate the creator from the Creation. Prayers, incantations, sacred letters, places, holy men, books, robes, vestments, temples, all are external to what is Being. What is left? It is the moment, the only nonplace and timelessness that we can experience in its purety. It is why there is G-D instead of God because it truly is nameless. Any attempt to cover it starts and ends in separation, the delusion of form. Before god there was the Goddess, a holistic approach to living taking into account all the earth and its creatures, seasons and interactions. God emerging on the scene brings separation because of God we were forced to choose. The free will that is spoken of is itself an illusion because there is only one will. Will is the river of creation. Catch the wave. Enter no-mind.
  • Wednesday, December 17, 2003

    Let us keep it simple:.

    Tikkune is a process of correction. What do we correct? Our vision of course, how we perceive the world. It really is about how things work. It is in the interpretation that much is lost. Always the test is deep inside where we live. Does it pass our own inner experience of truth? Kabbalah says to listen. This is what you strive to do. This and this alone. Your good is everywhere. Books may direct you, but you always find what you are looking for inside yourself. It's the only place you will accept this anyway. Outside of yourself you lose all reference to what is real. Cultivate this attitude of finding, making constant discoveries about yourself. Be active only in listening which is letting go completely and doing what is right in the exact moment. With practice this will become increasingly more and more apparent. Anyone who directs you outside of yourself whether it is to a book or even a recognized authority has not learned to listen within where it is all happening. Be aware just as you have shown that when things don't feel right they aren't right. It is yourself within that knows the answer. In this way you let go of control, of time, and all doubt.

    Friday, December 05, 2003

  • The subtle flow of I am speaks beyond any human effort to emcompass or manipulate it. Acceptance is really our only answer. This acceptance is truly a giving within whereby all negative tendencies are released into that which always surrounds us, the "holy spirit", the "Shekinah", the "incomprehensible", oh so many appelations but in truth ours is a limited description.

  • Truly cast your burdens here. Let them go each moment. Yes be without them. Cultivate the "holy instant." Learn the moment in between two breaths. Let the silence fulfill your every need. Be taken care of without worry.

  • You make the difference between allowing the random play of ego and the will to good of the holy spirit. You make this difference by choosing to let go and at the same moment with complete faith step gladly into the unknown where the holy spirit awaits you always. You will know it and feel it by its rightness and sense of unsurpassable all abiding peacefulness. You promote this within yourself choosing this in each moment.

  • Stop making trouble for yourself and start letting yourself just be. Don't worry. Your thinking doesn't stop it becomes filled with the inner voice of love and the shift in awareness allows you to see your brother or sister as yourself. Seen as yourself you cannot but forgive them for any hurts you may have imagined. You do not have to take their projections as real. Be still within your own mind and know your own thoughts no matter what outward storms are flying about. In this way you remain in peace and love grows even to the point of forgiveness of the world for all of its-your sins.

  • The result is a continual growth in awareness of being where you take responsibility for being there and let the results of your life be totally in the hands of the one, or of the holy spirit. Use what works best for you in terms of where you place your being but know that whatever you name it, it is there for you in each moment guiding you. It can only come from your willingness to let go all the time. Then poised in that moment of silence, the inner voice comes through and then you know the truth of your being. This is the truth that sets your mind free.
  • Wednesday, December 03, 2003

    It is all within the purview of your ultimate design.

    Tuesday, December 02, 2003

    Yosef was a young man on the road seeking the silver cup of wisdom told about in tale after tale of ancient princes who gained great kingdoms through its discovery. He carried with him his life's possessions, the clothes on his back, a wooden staff and a small fortune in gold. Along the way he stopped to watch some magicians whose words and claims made him think that surely these incredible people would be able to direct him to the silver cup. Yes indeed they said but first for a modest fee they must teach him all he needed to know before sending him out to seek for himself this incredible prize. Each of them claimed to have had the silver cup in their possession which was why they could show him the way. Yosef paid his price and began his education. Two years passed, his money now long gone and he earned his money like the other magicians, taking on apprentices and doing magic for a price. In that time he learned to say what they said. He learned how to answer those who doubted him and to make people feel guilty if they did not contribute to his worthy cause of helping to find the silver cup. Many flocked to him as he was perhaps the most charismatic of all the magicians and certainly the most handsome. One day he met a fair maiden and began to tell her how to find the silver cup. His words were sly and smooth and her smile warm and reassuring. When it came time to ask her for her donation she responded.
    "What can you give me that I don't already have?"

    He began to answer that he could show her maps and teach her spells to magically whisk her away to find the silver cup. She still smiling said:

    "Silly boy. Everyone knows you don't need any of that. A pure heart is all anyone needs."

    Her words awoke feelings in him he had long forgotten. She reached over to take his hand and for the first time in a long time he smiled for no reason at all, other than that he felt extremely happy. They met others who promised this and that for a price but they never stopped until they came to a small wooden house built back from a running stream. The door to the house was partly open. Stepping closer until they could peek within, their eyes filled with wonder at the silver light softly glowing inside. They entered the house and made the biggest discovery of all. When they each looked into each others eyes, the silver cup was revealed to them in them in their blossoming love. There the cup remained all the years they lived there. Some say they are still there drinking of the silver cup of their love in timeless remembrance of love which is what they were really searching for after all.

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