Friday, February 27, 2004

A question about what is illusion

  • There is the illusion that we are separate beings. We are not.

  • There is the illusion of time. Time is not.
  • All of these illusions occur because of any attempts to fix the image. Life is a moving thing. Everything changes yet we are ever eternal. The difference between illusion or reality is in the ability to be transparent to every change and keep filled with the certainty of each moment along the way. Let's just say that the answer you received is not the gospel of what is really going on. We are given the concept of illusion so that we can recognize the changes and that these changes are in themselves malleable through the influence of mind.
    In this sense your fears are illusions because a change of mind brings the rays of light which shine through the fears, dissipating them, making them transparent and leaving in their place the certainty of each moment. There and only there is the reality in the changing movement of the eternal as we reflect (enter vantage point upon vantage point) on these changes causing indeed the very changes we are reflecting upon.
    That is why in an instant a person's life can undergo dramatic changes as your mind changes, adjusts and recognizes now the eternal being that is becoming. What exists is I AM in and through everything. When your identity rests there every thing is possible. Using this analogy the creator rests within the soul of the created. Every attempt to find the creator without is meaningless. It's like looking for your glasses when they are on top of your head. You take it with you wherever you go.

    This is written in response to the idea that you must suffer in order to receive, or that when you are sharing, it must be difficult to be worth receiving in kind.

    When guilt is removed or bread of shame and the individual realizes that the creator can only give, then unceasingly does he receive. I think we would agree on this. How you get there is where I have another viewpoint than that of traditional Kabbalistic teachings.

    This way of suffering promotes intentional pain as in, "give me more suffering" so that I can improve my circumstances or my "getting." This has been a tenet of Jewish life and a misuse of the "torah" or law which states that what is in mind appears in kind. The history of Judaism bears out this error of asking for suffering as a way of appeasing HaShem and "getting." Judaism has persisted but still holds on to its pain.

    There is a much better way to open ourselves to the abundance of our creator, than asking for suffering to remove our guilt, or to pay our way into heaven. It is based upon a psychological principle that validates completely the person as one with HaShem.
    A Course In Miracles speaks of this through forgiveness, and letting go of fear.

    "thou shalt have no other gods before me," alludes to this. The one is good. There cannot be a bargaining with good. Attempts to do this always result in a tainted or a less than good. I don't know why Judaism has such a problem with this concept. Perhaps it is the guilt passed on by generations over losing the temple. I don't know.

    It is more than simple to free a person's mind when his heart is completely unburdened. Your message may find people looking for more burdens and in fact encourages them as a price to be paid for getting. Life is full enough of challenges and pain without asking for more so that we can have a payday. The fact that this appears to work only proves that mind will show exactly what is imprinted upon it.
    The point is that we can always make a better picture. The better picture in this case is that we always have everything we are. "Envision rightly so the sages say and all the wrongs will melt away" as mists before the sun.

    The light is always on. We must become "transparent to the light" allowing it to shine through us. Therefore may all our days be filled with light so that the world will resound with light.

    The only thing we really can give is the connection. That is where our abundance comes from. Money ironically has nothing at all to do with it. A million dollars cannot buy the connection, while the connection can generate a million dollars.

    There used to be a template that travelled with the Pillar Cloud, that when placed over pages of Torah revealed the original message that was told to Moses and not the version later transcribed from memory. This template was altered when Yitro the priest of Midian intervened.
    In this way Moses had returned to Egypt in a sense and allowed darkness or veils to creep into the fabric of Torah. The original template and the Pillar Cloud are still there waiting to be accessed. I mention this because this life is incredibly more wonderful than can be imagined which is why we can always imagine more and unceasingly.

    When I began to write this post I simply listened. Reading back the previous paragraph I now understand why I have responded in the way I did. In order to bring in or make oneself transparent to the light, one must be alert to every indicator of light and willing to go where no one has gone before.

    One more thing. There is no Kabbalah unless it opens up a door and another connection is revealed. How blessed to be alive this day.

    Amazing isn't it.

    Thursday, February 26, 2004

    Free Your Mind

    What is there to be free of? It is the reactions that are unconscious and upon us even before we realize it and then it becomes difficult to snap out of this negative pattern. What works best is a return to an active or non reactive mind set which moves forward at its own pace. It dismisses the feelings that cause these reactions and rises above them in order to accomplish its own momentum. Using that momentum is the main reason why higher thought always gets you out of the doldrums you may have the illusion of experiencing. When you can let go into higher thought this is where your mind starts to become free, because then you connect with the super consciousness or the highest mind and the ego mind identification with the separation reality is no longer engaged. The focus therefore becomes like unto the explorer who quest for new visions and adventures knows no bounds. Always even in the midst of discovery be ready to move into the next realm of the imagination so that you come let go and not be tied to any kind of pattern based awareness.
    The point is not to be locked in by repetition of any form. The new pathways appear always. It is our perception which must always too, be on the lookout for these pathways to rise up into. Just as now there are things that cannot be understood, there is the subsequent strivings for which are the keys to each level or attainment mastered. Mastery then consists of alertness, awareness, fearlessness and an open intellect to allow for these pathways to become integrated into your being.
    Be careful in unguarded moments of reverting to a reaction based mind set. This type of mind-set calls for tit for tat which takes you endlessly downward in a negative spiral. Let's deal with how to avoid these downward turns and what to do when you find yourself in the middle of a downward turn as your higher mind clicks in to tell you something is not going right here and that it is time to listen. No rationalizations are going to be of any help here since they are part of the problem of the reactive nature which is always rationalizing its actions. There is only one cold turkey type approach. That is forgiveness. It is the letting of the emotional impetus behind the reaction and then turning the mind like a big 14 wheeler around to face the other way. There are then three steps to follow.
    1) The higher mind makes you aware that it is time for action and not reaction.
    2) Apply forgiveness. Let go of the emotional impetus behind the reaction now beginning to unfold. Utilize the opposite emotion in its place not as a reaction but as a way to dissipate the negative feelings that have caused a way of thinking that you know cannot do you any good. All of these actions of forgiveness or letting go, or reversing the emotions are energies applied within. They cannot be directed without towards another person or situation because then this is simply another kind of reaction. The point here is to change your mind from passive to active.
    3)Now you are ready to turn around your mind and set into motion actions that are directed from above. You will know that they are being driven by the one when your actions are not towards another but inwardly focused to bring forth revelations and understandings that can help you grow your awareness.

  • None of us are immune from reacting. It is in the recognition of our reactions that we can find a way out of this pattern of hiding ourselves from ourselves. Move in from among the clouds and part their curtain with the sureness of grace and the perfection of your straight ahead approach.

  • Practicing the active awareness:

  • Use words of power that actualize your will. Be active in the present moment. Use every affirmation that you can think of and then keep on thinking of more. Remember turning your mind around is difficult at first because of the resistance factor built in by the negative momentum that had previously been built up. Watch for sudden turns which may distract you from your efforts. Keep tuned to the positive momentum coursing along now as a result of your efforts. Soon there will be breakthroughs and they will occur throughout this process as the turning becomes more pronounced and then your efforts begin to acquire a sureness all their own. The initial frantic pace is reduced because you realize that you are finally on the right course and that it is taking you where you want to go and not what your reactions would have directed you. Bless yourself from within. That is to apply the energy of self to the self in opening up further the awareness to move on its own level accord.
  • What is moving on the inside is what you will see. It is all in anticipation of the flow and learning how to deflect the inertia into areas of promotion

  • Affirmations.

  • I move within everything out of the sense of the completion of my purpose.
  • All around me are those good thoughts coming from the genesis of higher awareness always taking form within the thought patterns I listen to in each and every moment.
  • I fill myself with understanding each day by making every connection. Some more profound than others.
  • I meet resistance through dissipation flowing through and around softly and gently never disturbing the onward flow.
  • I learn much about will and the eternal sense of being that I am.
  • Will it is the primary focus never to be undertaken without purpose.
  • It is only with the slightest touch that I strum the chords of Will.

  • I make everything not only easy for myself but set in motion that awareness which returns abundance to me in each moment.

  • I move forward with the momentum I have gained and remember in each moment to resist the reactions which take me back into the flow of negativity

  • Wednesday, February 25, 2004

    A Letter Written to the Kabbalah Centre in response to a students complaints about being hounded into buying more and more

    Don't throw out the baby with the bath water. Ignore the Centre's pleas for your continued participation. One day you may want to participate. Understand that Kabbalah and the Zohar are their life. That's it. Of course they are enthusiastic about wanting you to get as much as they have to offer. What gets lost in their zeal is that it is a person they are talking to who has to move at their own pace. To lose one person, one connection over this would be such a loss. To think that the Centre had an opportunity to connect and did not because they did not remember the person....

    Please accept, Centre, some constructive thoughts here.

    When meditating or saying prayers can you force the meditation or force the prayers?

    Truth and Kabbalah cannot be sold. The money you receive for your teaching is purely through HaShem's grace. Try not to take this for granted or seek to gain more than your share or like the manna that spoiled, it will taint your message, causing you to gain much early and lose all later when the sun rises for the new day.

    Your publication of the Zohar is magnificent along with all the commentary. When anyone has the ability to purchase this, I would encourage this completely. Absolutely awesome. If it were just for this it would have been enough.

    Mind over matter is just that. It works everytime. Perhaps let go of the money a little and pay more attention to the person you are speaking to. This is how the connection is made. It isn't the passing of a few bills, but the passing of a truly caring heart, one love for one another. Only by seeing into a persons heart can you reach their mind and connect. HaShem is always with you. Make the connection in this way and miraculously your sustenance will be provided from sources you could not conceive of the day before.

    In America we give our money out of love and compassion and our need to exchange value for value. Do not take us for granted or America for granted either. The very land itself is overflowing with spirit, truly from sea to shining sea and in the incredible kindness of the people living here regardless of race or creed.

    Your one is the 99 percent world. You cannot coerce this but can only bring it forth through compassion. The end does not justify the means. The means is the end.

    Thank you Centre for listening

    Thursday, February 19, 2004

    The Problem of Evil

    The confusion arises because of separation. Anytime you separate God and creation there are contradictions. God and creation have to be One. For the most part we live in the world of appearance. Things appear to be this way or that. Because of this we take no action internally with our thinking because we accept the status quo not even knowing that with our thinking-being we change the very ground we walk on. Kabbalah is not meant to look afar for God or Creation, but to realize that both God and Creation are inside of who you are. The only evil there ever is happens when we make the wrong choices in terms of unity with the Tree of Life or co-opting the Tree of Life as our own personal entity thereby separating ourself from our own sense of who we ultimately are. The truth is that the Tree of Life is eternal. Further recognition of this leads to Eternal Life. "That which you attend to in mind you become within yourself and exhibit in your perceptions of the world around you. Look for and to Eternal life and see the remarkable changes taking place everywhere in your sphere of vision.

    What about evil? What about all those despots and horrible people throughout the ages? Where was God then? Why did God do this? Evil arises from separation. Separation is denying God or the unity of all being. This type of attitude is limited by definition and leads to death.
    If you are separate then you cannot be infinite. There has to be a distinct beginning and an ending. There is always an end to Separation. We die or become Immortal. In either case we experience unity which is the One of Being.

    We can choose to ignore God, experience evil. We do this by considering evil, projecting evil and never once realizing we can change our minds and our own personal movie.

    It only takes one person with a clear vision to change the entire world forever

    Tuesday, February 17, 2004

    The Tree of Life

  • There inside of us at all times, places experiences, the Tree of Life awakens within us, and through us until it filters through all of existence.
  • Inspiration.
    It is the flowing of the sap which climbs ever towards the light. It can only flow when your recognition is one with this energy. It becomes one through repeated attention and the ability to conceive of such inner spaces. It is in this conception that the inner paths are most assuredly stretched out as we go from ignorance to awareness in a series of cascading revelations.

  • Especially now at this time of year become more than aware of your own internal strivings towards the light and offer up all of your illusions in the service of all who climb together as one becoming one.

  • Mind is the tiller of the field. I am, the Thatness, All there is, is the field.
    In the Beginning we are told not to eat of the Tree of Life. What does this mean? Why not eat of that of which we are? "Not to eat of The Tree of Life" means do not take apart, or dissect that from which there can be no dissolution. Analysis is not necessary and only leads to "death" as an opposite or a distance apart from that which we already are.
  • When we eat of something we are absorbing its essence into our own, making it a part of who we are. It is in this making of the part that we lose the whole. "Yes this is for me" defines the individual but loses the Godhead. The lesson is that in order to become a part of this Garden and to live in the midst of the Tree of Life, one must accept it as oneself and not break it apart into how it can be consumed. It brings about by definiton our own consumption. If we devour life we devour our own Immortality. Everything happens internally as a result of our thinking.

  • The most intimate nature of Now contains everywhen, everywhere and all that is to be.

  • The Tree of Life is an internal map leading to your own golden center where All is One. Walk the ways of the wise in all things. Seeing by faith, intuition and advanced focus that this is indeed true. You will always know where to turn in times of trouble and always be rescued in times of peril.

  • The leaves on the Tree of Life are made up of the 72 Names of God. When you water the Tree, it is your mind that opens up those pathways through and into the Seventy Two Names of God which now awaken the living Tree which moves to make your world the paradise it always is
  • .

    Wednesday, February 11, 2004

    Deeper inside of each Vision

  • Mind understands the intellectual passageways as well as the symbolic passageways. When the two are intermingled as we are sketching forth here, it makes for a rich interplay adding texture to the focus as it builds itself up from within.

  • The purpose in any issuing forth of vision is to enliven the vision with every manner of movement arising from the eternal stillness. It is the contrast however that is the delineating factor. Movement must come from the stillness. Inspiration or the revealing touch is most easily recognized in this area of in between stillness and motion. It is where the actor or divine presence always reside as the ultimate nothing that is everything. It is from here that all strength for focus comes from.

  • Tuesday, February 10, 2004

    A Continuation of the Meditation Process--A Further Inquiry

    Now you are ready for the image activation. Place each image into a field of golden flowers. Watch as the image expands and movement occurs. The image is floating barely above the flowers. It merges now with the flowers and the you are breathing in the sweet subtle fragrance of its essence. This is how it comes into being. As this merging takes place, your every breath now brings this into being in the world of form complete with every essential ingredient you've suffused into it.

    The first line:
    thk )k) hll #hm Ml( +ys yly whw
    In the beginning, when the light first arose, the first miracle was to eliminate negativity, which healed the world, bringing the transition or dream making all that was made exactly as it was made. Everything was clear. No doubts or illusions to cloud the ways.
    thk )k) hll #hm Ml( +ys yly whw

    The second line:

    Mqh yrh hbm lzy (hh w)l dl) yzh
    All around you is every avenue of awareness bursting with thoughts of love and positive energy. Get out of your own way and resolve to listen and thereby let go of the entropy, leaving it behind. Identify with this all encompassing feeling of unity in every situation. Experience this unity and rejoice in its flowing through you.

    Thursday, February 05, 2004

    Here is a discussion on some concepts that are now being presented to me. There is a unity of understanding representing another level of being. These concepts were found in various writings and it was as if they were highlighted for me in that the surrounding text did not concern me at all. What is here shown are the highlights and my comments concerning them. They are all from Chassidut or the way of righteousness. It is amazing the clarity of being that can be attained, even if for only a moment. In that spirit I offer these to those who like myself are always mining the waters of consciousness for its golden rays of light.

  • The soul can meditate on the essence of all (nothingness-that for which there is no name) which comes to be in form, yet still retains all of it being and all of its source material, that from which it has come to be.

  • This one is about the connection that we engender by directing our attention along the line of creator thought, experiencing unity with that thought and at the same time recognizing the unity in all being

  • In order to see what has become or in order to see what is to become we have to learn to see differently. We learn to gaze "diagonally,"beyond the direct experience of what appears to be or what is in front of us.
    In this way we see the essence or the inner nature of a thing.

  • We can learn to be in this world but not of it. Another way to look at this is that as we change our perception of the world we change the reality of its existence. Also this diagonal vision is referenced in ancient pre Yogic manuals as a form of contemplation as well as in Atlantean remnants of lost civilizations. There is much here for the true seeker to expand upon.

  • Moses' was a prophet whose perception was as "seeing through a clear pane of glass." When speaking of God's commands he spoke in the now as in "this is what god has commanded."

  • Moses as a prophet is Moses as co-creator. It raises the question of whether prophecy rather than being simply a vision of what is to come to pass, is in actually a precusor to the kavannah of creation, bringing that which is unseen through a process of meditation.

  • When you are able to perceive the (nothingness-that for which there is no name )that produces being, time and space coalesce in your consciousness. You then are one with the eight dimensions of time and space: past, future, south, north, east, west, up, and down.

  • Here we are conscious of the connection and operate with full knowledge and ability to transcend and transverse all levels of reality.
    A state of mind is necessary for this level of consciousness. This state of mind follows next.

  • The inner perfectly reflects the outer. Inner feelings reflect outer behavior

  • In the beginning we learn to restrict our outer behavior based upon our inner feelings That is even though we feel hurt or pain perhaps from an unkind or thoughtless remark, we do not respond in kind. Gradually with practice our inner feelings stabilize. That is they are not affected by outer stimulus in that projected anger, etc., do not hit their mark inside of us because we no longer have the breeding ground inside for such reactions. What happens then is we learn to move our feelings just as we would our extremities and with an equal dexterity so that our every action is in perfect synch with how we feel. It is the intelligent connection of mind-body with spirit.
    In this state of mind and only then may we operate from the highest level of being into becoming.

  • The transcendent creative light is responsible for existence in general, while the immanent creative light determines the form and nature of each created being. The transcendent light cannot normally be revealed in human consciousness, since its intensity would overpower the individuality derived from the immanent light. The unaffectedness characteristic of the sincere individual, however, unites G-d's transcendent light (reflected in the individual's outer behavior) with His immanent light (reflected in his inner feelings).

  • Everytime I see light in any explanation of creation I think understanding or knowing. It is a knowing which is built in, self evident, instinctual. This transcendent creative light is the One, the connection for all, the essence of all being, the surrounding essence which becomes the immanent creative light when it is recognized within the form of being itself. This is when man becomes co-creator using the unique individuality to express the particular in creation, the refinements, the bursts of imagination. Extending our idea of the inner being in harmony with the outer, this light within "learns" to resonate at the sympathetic frequency of the transcendent creative light thereby experiencing union in all of its motions both in and out of form.

    Last nights revealed meditation:

    This was seen in the letters making up the english meaning of "Finish what you start" represented by


    What was surprising is that it was seen time and time again. Most "visions" come and then are gone and we are grateful for the moments we were able to be in this sense of seeing. Everytime I looked away it did not take long to reveal the vision again of the English letters forming under the Hebrew letters into Hebrew letters. I was looking at my copy of the 72 names which I have made up in word which has each attribution in English under each 3 letter combination. It is these English attributions that morphed into Hebrew during a guitar meditation on the 72 names as I was writing a song featuring chords or modes for each of the 72 names. It is an awesome undertaking.

    Wednesday, February 04, 2004

    What I teach is awareness of the self, the inmost presence if you will. I also teach that Kabbalah means to receive. Listen for the absolute best sound you can. It is the inner voice, always there for everyone. Kabbalah is the interchange between those seeking the One or that holy sound. Through their interaction, or our interaction we are able to reveal that which has been hidden. What is revealed is the connection. The connection between you and I in terms of our thinking and our unified connection with holiness itself. The Zohar itself is an example of this interchange. This discussion board another.
    The single most important thing I am always pointing out is that there doesn't need to be an intermediary between you and God. Within is all you are and every tool. Kabbalah in terms of the 72 names, Zohar and Torah are all excellent tools which I use, but they are by no means the only tools available for our use. If what you are really asking is who is this person, or who am I.
    Join the club. I am still trying to figure that one out myself. Let's just say like all of us, I am a work in progress.

    Monday, February 02, 2004

    I am on roll now. The information is becoming more clear with each passing moment. The attitudes which have prevented forward motion are going by the wayside. Like I have written in a song, "everything is moving easy now, I don't have to waste my time."

    72 Names Update:

    Twenty five years ago I participated in a research project meant to detail the vibrational qualities of music in terms of meaning, strength of meaning and tension or lack of tension together with the conceptual archetype of each set of 4 notes depending upong their sequence. Based upon these studies using 4-part chords and the guitar I was able to complete this study. At the time it was way beyond my comprehension. I only knew that it was a work unprecedented in the annals of any studies ever done before. What I am beginning to realize is that I can use this study with the 72 names giving each one a meaning in sound and in concept. I may have to rework some of the meanings given forth by Rabbi Yehuda Berg in his book 72 names of God, since the flow of energy just doesn't fit in many places. For now I am using these concepts but realize for any system to be of use, it has to be fluid much like the warriors of old used their knowledge of the "intimate within" to enter into any world they wished to. It is all coming together. It truly is the "light that was very good." What I know is that it isn't just the letters or the meanings ascribed to them but is the discreet vibrational force which they represent. I am blessed to be able to recall these vibrational characteristics in their entirety. Besides the fruition of intention, their makeup is such that the most beautiful song is produced allowing the feeling nature, crucial in every intent bound direction, to blossom and grow past the normal rudimentary emotions. Not only does this improve every meditation but it provides the missing link in making these meditations reproduceable through the memory of the harmony that is put forth with each name.