Monday, March 15, 2004

Kabbalah and Reason

Reason is something that you'll have to let go of. Here on our level we must have our reasons. It is because we are finite thinkers. All of our reasons are time based. The mystery. Who can say. I cannot. However I can discover and then discover again. In this way is reason transcended and understanding-wisdom approached. What is this endless giving and receiving? It is this discovery, these insights, this wisdom, yes a kind of inner knowing. It is difficult to recognize even to communicate to others, yet in its own way it does. What we do in Kabbalah in my thinking about it is to refine our instrument so that we can discern these discoveries and keep making more. When we make a discovery we pass it on so that others may benefit. Yes it is true that we are all one and we all receive these insights, yet part of the receiving process is sending it, as though the transmission is not a complete circuit until it is sent and then sent again. Something happens within. I "hear" a thought which lifts me up. It takes me out of the doldrums. I am excited about this thought. This excitement generates the current-intention to pass this energy along. Someone else picks up on my thought-energy-intention and feels a kinshp with this thinking. They in turn "send" it along. Herein is how the evolution of the universe takes place.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Everything Works and how it works.

     "Which way did he go, which way did he go? He went that a way. No that a way."
The cartoon character echoes for many the search for spiritual wisdom.
     You find something and then find something else. The truth is
"everything works." We are ultimately asking to experience the totality of being. Inside of this totality there is no lack. We experience being just as we imagine it to be in technicolor, and full of every extra portion. When we reach up every tool will work. It is the act of reaching up and the letting go within that makes this metaphysical process take place. I think of the Infinite as a compressed area of space-time-energy. Our efforts to investigate this mystery are like downloading a zipped file on our computer. We can view the information only when the file is unzipped. This process is the same as decoding the information. Every successful effort in "unzipping
" this information adds to our ability in the future to more easily access the coded-compressed information of the universe. It is an alchemical process of knowing that the answer is there and then allowing this answer to filter through your innermost being. At this point listen well for much can be lost in the translation. The trained mind disregards the egos blockages in order to rise above into the highest interpretations. This can compared to an archer whose target is in the midst of many brightly colored objects. He has to focus on only the target, become the target in effect in order to hit the target. Now what is most important to be determined is what is our philosophical bow and from whence do you project the arrow to hit the mark.
     In order to access this compressed information and thereby bring it to the light of day in the form of your thoughts and the world in which you live, a deeper kind of listening must take place. Not only with your ears do you hear. The internal senses are equipped with an extra special ability to perceive in multidimensional awareness. This perception not only affords us a view of the unknown but allows us to move about with purpose throughout the unknown. In the midst of the most ordinary tasks the unknown can be accessed in order to "change the movie" as the modern Kabbalist would say. This deep listening enable you to become aware of the interfaces arising between the multidimensional realities taking place all around you. Your nexus or reality of being is centered according to the aspects of this multidimensional interface. This type of thinking reminds me of the "assemblage point" spoken of in the writings Carlos Casteneda. When we want to travel in any realm that we are fixed in we use a physical means of transportation. However travel between dimensions is effected by thinking which establishes being. Many times you will be travelling between dimensions and reach a place that looks like you've arrived. Check your feelings. Listen even more intently. Do not be disappointed if your destination hasn't been reached. What you've discovered is a doorway and is simply an opening that will lead you further closer to your destination.
      Each entry way your focus must be renewed and an expansion take place. This expansion is your connection with the totality. Without this connection, there will be no fruition, no point of stasis. When you are there being itself will call to you. That is why your listening takes on the quality of making yourself available. There is no room for any rigid mind set. The operations taking place at this phase are fluid in nature. Reach up and feel yourself carried along by your intention. The process in short.
Expand. Interact. Move On. Rise Above. Let Go. Stay within. Reflect.
      What are the effects of perceiving and proceeding in your thinking following this example?
     Nothing less than inner knowing-outer showing. You will recognize your thoughts turning into form all around you. This lets you see the mind stuff inside of everything and every action. The appearance of time will begin to slow and become as an ebbing tide. Do not be alarmed. This is entirely part of the perceptions that you will experience. Travel through these dimensions does involve a kind of travel through time which is why the perceived time is different from the elapsed time. Your meditations may seem to take eons while in elapsed time only few moments have gone by. Also you are cautioned to avoid the dream state that may come up due to the lack of orientation and the tendency to lose your focus while travelling so. Reinforce your focus seeing both the beginning and the end result. Recognize the gravity of the end result building itself into areas of conformity throughout your journey. These areas of conformity coalesce into and out of view until the designated reference point is reached.
Vast, unbelievably distant areas of space open up as you are approaching your next way point. All navigation is by direct feeling. When you approach the openings the waypoint sends out a resonance signal that your inner being has learned to recognize.
     Here is where you may experience some interference because of the differences in phase between one dimensional reality and another. Confusion in the form of doubts may arise because of the merging nature of the interface. In Kabbalah this area is called Daat because this is where all hidden knowledge arises from, the interface or meeting place between the two dimensions. Another reference for this area is from Gen: 3-24 "So He drove out the man; and He placed at the east of the garden of Eden the cherubim, and the flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way to the tree of life." The sword keeps out doubts and lets those thoughts of unity and inspiration and elevation enter. The Tree of Life is the Unity made of all that is Good. The man that is driven out is the man who entertains those doubts. "Except ye be as children you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven." The same principle here. A childs thoughts are of innocence and very responsive to the inspiration which is the growth inside of them taking place.
     There is another secret contained here and that is secret of emptiness or the void which can also be related to Daat. This is the area of no-thought. The mind is enjoying a respite from its receiving and is simply riding on the flow of its momentum. Much like a ship coming into harbor accelerates briefly before coasting to a stop at its wharf. The coasting and the stop are the moment in between two breaths called Pratyahara in Sanskit. You are to constantly give yourself these respites free of thought. Learn to recognize them especially when you are transcending dimensional realities.
Following these respites think good thoughts. Allow your soul to expand into now the dimension to be entered into. "Lift up ye gates oh ye heavens........." is telling us to enter into the next dimension with a joyful heart and an uplifted mind. The energy of our soul then is so tuned to make the transition smoothly and easily. Try this. Just remember don't look back. Be like the Israelites entering the Red Sea. Whatever your hearts desire is, there is it already made. It is only up to you to make the way and keep it holy every step you take.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

An answer to is Kabbalah only for Judaism

Consider the sun. Everywhere it shines simulataneous yet at different times and angles for each of us. We all partake of its life giving properties, its spiritual light and physical light. Each of us has a certain capacity for this light. It is the same light. Our ability to make use of this light is inherent to our being. We learn therefore to make better use of this light as we grow in our awareness of this light. The same is true with Kabbalah. It is not a religion, Judaism not withstanding. Kabbalah means to receive. It is a reminder and a way to remember and to learn how to receive the inner light inside of more dimensions of life. It is about opening to oneself and then to be able to share that opening with others. The simple act of thinking and of thinking on high awakens Kabbalah within.
Yes absorb what light you can and yes it may be qualitatively different in terms of your understanding and ability to share this light. It is the quality of sharing that light that demonstrates your understanding of the light you are "taking." Think of sharing as transmitting-sending. When you succeed in sharing that light another connection is made thereby increasing so to speak the throughput for that light making it contain more information, just as when the throughput for an Internet connection is widened through a T1 or cable line enabling faster speed of transmission and the ability to carry more data to more places. Case in point is your question which will now through this answer demonstrate the answer to your question which is that it isn't your "religious background" that matters here in terms of Kabbalah, but your willingness to be open to what Kabbalah can teach you through opening up your soul-being to becoming a light connection.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Ignorance of the Law.

Ignorance of the Law is no excuse. It is always working. It just makes sense to get with the problem instead of swimming upstream all the time.
I am reminded of a story about two Zen Monks in terms of belief.

Two Zen monks were walking in the Forest of Jade on the other side of the Hrutolo Valley having just completed a six month journey in search of enlightenment. Nearing the monastery, Hy-Liu suddenly looks up.

"A vision. It is the land of a thousand paradises. I can almost touch it."

Gui-Zan turned to Hy-Liu, "Stop with your day dreaming we are almost home.

A few more steps and again Hy-Liu exclaims, "Can't you feel the dew drops of nectar?'"

"You've really been on the road too long Hy-Liu. I am going to recommend the master slap you upside your head once we are back in the monastery."

"Quickly. It's this way. Step over here." Hy-Liu shouted excitedly as he rounded a bend in the road.
"This has gone too far, snap out of it............." Gui-Zan said as he rounded the bend and Hy-Liu had disappeared. Gui-Zan walked the rest of the way to the monastery fully expecting to see Hy-Liu waiting for him and laughing at the joke he was playing on him. Hy-Liu wasn't there, nor was he ever seen again.

Enlightenment does come to those who seek it.

Those who turn away are only left with their disbelief. The next moment cannot be described. Only the infinite Now contains all. When it is time to make your move do not hesitate. We really do not have a moment to lose. Each one as precious as the nectar Hy-Liu felt on his face before stepping into the 100 percent reality.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

An answer to Proof of Metaphysics to a scientist posing the question

First of all thank you for all of your comments and questions. The metaphysical realm can not be duplicated in experiments because it is the nature of metaphysics to deal with the inner workings of the consciousness of a person, mainly your very own person. You do not believe. I accept that. The question is do you want to believe and don't know how or do you want to prove to others that what they believe is wrong. In the first case I can speak to. The second case is a lost cause because those who have received these inner proofs consider them the most precious parts of their lives.
Believe it or not I have conducted metaphysical experiements which lo and behold I have verified within myself. These experiments have taken place over the years and mainly are concerned with cause and effect. My first real experiment came with my songwriting. I started out writing songs about lost love, unrequited love, you know the kind of melanchology, "Since I lost my baby" type of songs. One day I realized that my life was mirroring these songs right down the line. I then decided to "change the movie" as they say at the Centre. I said to myself. What do I want to experience. Then I wrote the first of now thousands of songs all with a similar theme of being conscious of what I wanted to be. Here are the words:
"I want to do you in a song.
We'll laugh the whole night long.
I'll put your picture on my wall
and my melodies will be in your heart."

Four months after writing this song I met my wife. We've been married 23 years. Guess what.
She is an artist. Her pictures hang on the walls of our home and of course my melodies are in her heart. She has been singing them for all that time. You can imagine what a powerful symbol this song and its effects have had on me. The song was pure and contained my prayer. I have no doubt that it was answered, that my searching for love had been outpictured.
I have had similar experiences with other prayers and have found that yes prayers are answered, thoughts do find their way into form and it certainly inspires the certainty of this process so that I continue to pray in such a way.

I cannot blame you or fault you for your thinking. What good is it if you cannot reproduce it? Well in a way you can but it would have to come with some effort on your part. There aren't any machines for this kind of thing. The effort is internal. For example when you feel angry towards another and then are able in the instant to let go of that anger, there is a transformation of energy. Had you continued with your anger it would have drained you emotionally whereas letting it go frees your mind to go where it would go. Metaphysics and Kabbalah are methods for transforming the internal energy. I have witnessed many events where a change of mind produced a remarkable effect on the outcome of the event. Part of the problem with verifying any proofs is that there is a time delay between the cause and the effect.
Most do not remember the cause and therefore cannot attribute an effect, therefore where's the proof? Part of being a metaphysical scientist or Kabbalist is to train the mind to remember. Only then are there verifiable effects. These experiments of course aren't always successful. Some prayers are answered others it may seem that they are not answered. What this I have found depends upon is Intention, the focusing of that which Kabbalists call I Am. I won't go any further because I sense perhaps this is enough for now for you. You are intrigued otherwise you would not be here. For a Kabbalist nothing is if by chance. There are meanings everywhere. In keeping with this, please see a post called "Revealing the Inner Dimensions" which gives a step by step approach to the process I am speaking of. Apply these steps to the world of physics and see how similar the physical and the metaphysical operate. This post is from June of 2003 which just happens to be here now to offer as support in this answer. Hmmm.

The Mystery 1st posted 6-26-03 Kabbalah Centre

All that is ever asked of you is to contemplate the mystery. It is through this contemplation that all things you experience in life will take place. While contemplating the mystery all chaos and confusion will begin to leave your life so that in their place will only be the contemplation of the mystery.
There is no one who knows what the mystery is. Accept this. It may make all the rest much easier.
The mystery would have you build certainty into your expressions of its meaning. This would seem to be ironic because of the unknowable nature of the mystery, but nonetheless, this building of certainty most assuredly must take place. Certainty is without doubt, an emotional feeling brought about after all reasoning has taken place. This emotional component is entirely unexpected, yet necessary for the evolving nature of our relationship to the mystery. The ego cannot establish certainty. Certainty can only be established by the mystery. Certainty is the mechanism whereby the unknowable becomes known. Certainty is a preparation for the expansion of the unknown in a manner both fulfilling and orderly.
Allow the mystery to operate freely. This means that your plan making does not have to go into every little detail. Prepare to invest your time in making the connection and then letting it go. You will know the status of the operation by the way you feel. The way you feel depends on your efforts in regarding to building certainty at each step along the way.
You have a choice to put your attention to making and maintaining the connection or ignoring and cutting off the attention. Both of these choice take time so the it really is up to you.
This principle is the same one as in fertilizing a empty field where it is your thought which is the field and the mystery the fertile presence or substance. Allow enough space between thoughts to let them grow just as you would in planting sprouts for the vegetables or flowers you are sowing. Without space to grow weeds or the ego proliferates. Still even with space to grow you must be watchful for any signs of the ego’s lingering presence. Such signs are depression, anger, illness, lethargy, any reactive behavior.
You must take ownership of the spaces in your mind. Any unwanted thoughts must be sacrificed and let go of. Allow enthusiasms to fill your sphere of mentality with light and promise. Be free to let your creativity have free reign to bring you to this higher awareness. Start wherever you are right now. It doesn’t matter where you are. You could have been sad for lifetimes. It’s okay. Begin now to actively engender the light.
At first the intensity of the light is so bright that you may shrink away from it. You may not feel worthy. Cancel once and for all those feelings of unworthiness and the root their unnatural growth. This is not only your responsibility but part of learning how to cause the flowers of your expression to grow. This definitely changes the movie.
There is always one sure fire way to change the movie and restore the natural balance-harmony of things. That is to connect to Torah. Connecting to Torah can be through the 72 names, Ana Bekoach, SHMA, Arominchah (my personal favorite), any of the daily services, morning, afternoon or evening, or through direct reading of the Torah. Here scanning is just as good as reading. In every place of Torah there lies the entryway into the 100 percent reality. The connection or plug in time can be as short or as long as you have need of. Feel the response as through you Torah spreads out to fill your life and your vision with light. Through Torah, the mystery unfolds and you become apart of something so incredible that nothing else matters anymore. You feel like sharing and in fact cannot help but sharing. That is its very nature. Go now and plug-in. Let the light shine therefore forever in your hearts and minds. .

An answer to "What are the Inner Dimensions?"

We listen to our thoughts. There is a sound so to speak inside of our heads or at least what we interpret as a sound. It is really a reflection of thoughts which come from the realm I entitle the inner dimension. It is ironic that even though I wrote this post and brought in these thoughts back in June of 2003, rereading them is a revelation because they appeared to be new to me, as if I were reading them for the first time and not that I remember writing them. This Inner Dimension is an example of the organization of ideas. I cannot even say that it is in my mind but rather that it is a part of the unique whole that is accessed when investigations into the unknown are untaken with an open mind. The open mind is the receiving mind. It is uncanny how every answer truly does appear as long as we are willing to listen for it and not allow our subjective ego minds to interfere and second guess the flow of this energy. It turns out that I asked myself a question this morning and here I find I am answered by a post I had written in June. Kind of like even before you asked the answer was given. Definitely a metaphysical example of time travel.
More on this Inner Dimension. The organization has already taken place. Once again the transposition of time. This allows a questing thought to access the energy of this dimension and to bring forth the answers related to the specific energy of the question. These are lines of force, call them spiritual strings or vibrations and arrange them similarly to what we can observe in outer space. Galaxies, Nebulas, Dwarf Stars, Super Universes, the whole descriptive schema of Outer Space is then applied to inner space which is called a dimension because it transcend the normal bounds of observation making us utilize our own form of inner transport vehicle called the Will or the Intention or a combination of both of these descriptive forces. Travel here is based upon the ability to go with the flow and pay attention to a central idea. The central idea or one is the point of confluence causing the nexus of ideas to formulate around the arrow of your questing. In fact everything that has been written to this point in the context of answering this question of the Inner Dimension has been actively utilizing this methodology of seeking and finding. The answers are feelings translated into the language of communication refined so that the ambiguities of semantic articulation are minimalized. In short we cut to the chase as much as possible. Digression is only necessary to further emphasize an idea. In this way I find that my writing is greatly facilitated by my facility with writing music. In music we have the One of a song, say in the key of C, starting with Cmajor, then going through various progressions but always returning for resolution to Cmajor using the devices of music including tension, resolution, counterpoint, etc. Similarily in writing and therefore by analogy in thinking-meditation the same process can be used to clarify an idea and bring light to a query being posed. The following I hope can serve as an exercise into these Inner Dimensions so that not only are they described here but are also shown in their actual working phase through the substance and flow of the above exercise.
Thank you for taking me back in time to a place where I needed to be today. It has increased my wonder and deepened my faith. Many blessings your way it comes speedily and soon, let today be your day for everything spectacular in thought and word, in vision in love.

A Post revisited from Kabbalah Centre 6-26-03

You don’t get a chance to find out who you are until you find out who you are not. The ego is always there facing you, trying to get your attention. The ego is for itself alone. It thrives on separation. It makes everything contingent on its own demands. It does not and cannot share. It is the outcome of a unilateral energy thread dependent upon breaking up the circuitry of unity in order to maintain its flow. The flow of the ego is random and disperses itself in ways of confusion surfacing in moments of anger, or frustration, jealousy, pain, etc. Its energy is solely dependent upon your reactive nature.

There is one sure way to guarantee constant success. That is when Mind is operating within itself, on itself. From here and only here alone can a clear picture emerge. The operation goes like this.
First there is the establishment of the final result beyond all doubt. It is more than a foregone conclusion. It is the basis for all of the worlds to come.

Second the initiating mechanism leaves nothing to chance. The circuit is therefore closed and the energy within this circuit builds up what is akin to an electromagnetic field between initiation and conclusion. Simply put thought is brought into form.

Third: There follows permutations, of this thought, or thoughts which then recreate within themselves. These echoes of thought form around the original thought initiated providing protection from distractions of the ego. Gradually out of these thought echoes myriad worlds are formed thereby strengthening the entire bundle of initiated thought.

Fourth: Passing then through the stages known as Genesis, these thoughts take on the forms of their initiating focus. This focus acts to unify the entire process from one end to the other causing a thought singularity, which now is able to transcend all physical matter, including the physical laws of time and space.

Fifth: Then right there is the middle of everything that is; the establishing waves are formed verifying the new life and growth taking place.

Sixth: Replication takes place verifying the initiating focus and causing homogeneity along all levels of influence.

Seventh: The recognition of the manifestation of the infinite. Complete stasis occurs as harmony is realized in an energetic conflux of unifying concept-thought-form-reflections.

There is always more. Inside the patterns of Torah are the various worlds revealed. These worlds are within your making. Read this carefully because what is revealed is the very substance and fabric of the universe. Thought elevated upon itself. Timelessness. Yes, this is the Inner Dimension.

Know thyself follows every thought. Listen to who you are.
Discovering that all is one. I'll take you for a ride in the Circle of the Truth.
From "Circle of the Truth" JJ Slim

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

G-d, Separation, an answer to a scientist's questions

Yes G-d is a difficult concept to understand. Direct experience is essential. As a scientist you would build an instrument to measure quanta and then be concerned that your instrument was not influencing the data. Still as we see more and more sophisticated instruments being devised for various measurements, we are discovering more and more about our unknown universe. These instruments are external devices made to mirror as closely as possible the imagination within which discovered the methodology of measurement. With the Hubbell telescope now we are peering deeper and deeper into the unknown postulating always from what is known what the meanings of these observations are. Everything, Telescope, the universe being observed, the observer and the conclusions being made are a unity. You really cannot have one without the other.
The perception of G-d involves a whole other instrument perhaps more refined than any we can devise. That is the human imagination. I use this word imagination with a purpose in mind.
The construct of G-d, the conception of G-d are ultimately founded in the imagination, the ability to conceive of an image within without any corporeality without. Attempts to describe these pictures to someone who does not have the experience with this type of imagery are frequently met with disbelief. "If I cannot see it, it doesn't exist."
What is required is a thorough understanding of the instrument itself, its inner workings, its focusing ability and most incredible of all, its transcendence from imagination into visible form.
Just as the astronomer now sees universes which were previously unknown with the aid of a more sophisticated instrument, so too does the astronomer of the mind delve into areas which are constantly being discovered within. Everyone makes these discoveries. They are the eureka's of our life. It is the knowledge that not only can these discoveries go on infinitely, but our understanding of them within also expands. G-d is the unknown becoming known. It is the holy grail of every adventurer both within and within. Everytime we make another discovery within, we have this direct experience of G-d which is a completely unifying experience. The fact that we continue to seek more discoveries only means that our purpose is expanding so that by experiencing G-d, we affirm our unity, bring forth light and as the Kabbalists will tell you, bring forth new worlds into being. These new worlds of course start out within our imagination, but their counterpart will always show in the physical realm. Think of the star becoming a dwarf and then a black hole, and then once again the unknown is reinvented only to be discovered this time on another level.
All that exists is continuously changing form. There is only one thing experienced in myriad reflections. The "need" for G-d you must have guessed by now. It is the adventurer always seeking the unknown. Always the need for new vistas to conquer. As a scientist you must understand the "need" for new discoveries which increase our comprehension of and facility with our known universe. So too in Kabbalah, the "need" for G-d is in uncovering new connections, new ways to understand the way things work inside of the deep within. To the Kabbalist these pathways within are the star maps of consciousness-intelligence itself, pathways that are well travelled I might add. Discovery is incessant within and each discovery an affirmation of G-d.
There must be exact measurements in order to assure for example that a building does not fall. It does make a difference that our calculations work out correctly. Right and wrong in mathematics can be defined by the minutest of measurements. The same is true using the mathematics of Kabbalah which uses concepts in mind which build upon each other much the same way Fourier equations assume a certain substrata before their use can be conceptualized.
Right and wrong in Kabbalah are strictly energy related equations. The right thought, right action, and right sharing produce a stable model of experience. Resisting the negativity within is akin to using a variable in an equation to cancel out one side of the equation. When we resist the negativity within, the right result issues forth and our lives can be lived in an orderly abundant fashion. Experience and experimentation have borne this out over centuries of trial and error.
The central force is there whether we see it as separate or as a part of our continuum. In Kabbalah it is the internal cause that we are seeking unity with. The reason is simply just for the fun of it. The experience of one. When this occurs such questions of separation are meaningless. You just know.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Vibration-String Theory-Ripples in a Pond

      The center is there as it has always been. It remains there supremely confident. It is the unending source of all that is. Taken as a vibration it is the eternal tone of the striking of the eteranl gong sending ripples of vibrations that are built into the chords and harmony of myriad worlds of existence. Enter String Theory, the concept of the universe as strings of vibration designating the various dimensions of realities we can postulate. Currently there are theorized 10 dimensions corresponding with the Ten Sephirot. I think perhaps that number becomes limitless due to the interactions of worlds within worlds like Keter in Malkuth.
     This One vibration encompasses all vibrations. It is something that we can tune our minds to. When we have inspirations, revelations, hopes and dreams, every kind of higher awareness, we are connecting with this Central Ray of Sound, as Alice Bailey might refer to it as of the one vibration or the one sound. It is interesting to note that this "sound" is not so much heard in the audible range as in the etheric range of the inner thinking. As such it takes on the qualities of faith being unseen, unheard but somehow felt as an all emcompassing entity of being. Since thoughts themselves are vibrations, their issuing forth would seem to come about as a result of the inner connection with this one vibration. The quality or polarity of the thinking then would rely upon its relationship at all times to this central vibration. By definition when you were truly listening here your thoughts appear in harmonized form expressing the higher waves of reality that can be perceived. There is a smooth going. In contrast, when we react to the secondary waves produced by the ripples of discontinuity or negativity, the harmony cannot be established. Chaos results. The only correction is to resist the negativity by not aligning your thoughts with the errant flows. In addition you can use various means to reestablish yourself in the flow of harmony, or the attunement to the one sound by affirmations, using prayers such as the Ana Bekoach, Shma, meditating on the 72 names, envisioning a quiet place surrounding yourself with light, seeing your happiness in motion or another's, all of these will work fine in alignment. As you continue, you will discover new tools along the way.
     The deeper you enter into your studies with Kabbalah the more it becomes a study of the movements and currents of consciousness. You learn that there are indeed pathways within the mind and that these pathways are eternal. This means that they have been established since the beginning and are there to assist Mind in its quest for harmony and unity with the one sound. We can call these pathways lights but they contain so much more of everything that this "light" description is merely an aid to keeping track of the presence of unity as it flows through the inner being. One should know that these currents are continuous leading one into the other and taking on each the characteristics of the other all the while retaining the initial primary sounding note which is the directing influence throughout every channel that these currents travel through. The discovery of the internal processes comes only after all outside influences are able to be excised from the attractiion of opposites. These opposites cause reactions which attempt to siphon off the energy of these internal currents so that the awareness is left without a central channel of connection in which to orient itself. This is why practicing a non reactive thought response is crucial to every attempt to penetrate any mystery of the greatest beyond.
      Ideas seek expression and this expression acts as a branching activity much like the tendrils of roots reaching into the inner being of the earth capture the minerals and filter substance and sustenance into the outer form of the tree. Because everything works in harmony and synthesis providing mirror like reflections throughout the myriad forms, it is possible by analogy to pattern the thought exactly like the forms that are being produced above. The converse is also true that we can pattern the thought so that the forms above appear to mirror the expression of thought that is rooting into the soil of the subconsciousness, finding its expression in every connection we find, and most importantly, those connections that are newly established.
     These newly established connections result from a quantum like leap in understanding akin to when the electrons jump from shell to shell giving off light. This jump is built in and instinctual. In this way you come to treat the unknown with a growing familiarity. Understanding dawns in terms of the way of things and your thoughts join currents of harmony always keeping their connection to the one source, or eternal sound.