Tuesday, September 23, 2003

The Zohar speaks of the Faithful Shepherd. We are given that this is Moses after another fashion. Unifying this concept of Faithful Shepherd and Moses with the corresponding ideas of Will and Israel as being his flock, and undifferentiated thouhgt brings us to an interesting parallel of enhancement for our movement upwards through the pathways of wisdom.

The Faithful Shepherd is analogous to Will. It is the function of the self awareness that it can and does direct the motion of the energy of focus within. This is a very important concept. The energy of the focus within. You do not gain mastery of this energy unless you are called upon to use this energy of focus. It is a wild stallion that must be bent to your understanding. Letting it run to and fro causes untold havoc as we all can attest to in those periods of our lives when all seemed to be lost.

A shepherd moves the flock along during the course of the day seeking grazing lands and looks after stray sheep that are distracted away from the herd. The sheep are our thoughts. The herd is the unity of our thinking, forming an energy matrix which translates itself into the idealized forms of our image making process.

What happens to a thought after we have initialized its energy? We can repeat this thought processing it into our memory. We can let this thought pass through without any feelings of attachment causing this thought to eventually dissipate. With our feeling nature we can ascribe a certain area of this thought to other similar areas of thought, making a unity of reference to provide a stable energy field. Several such stable energy fields all linked together form the basis for our certainty. Everywhere we look we see and feel the one of being. This one of being is our recognition that the whole of all of these thoughts has a common central theme. In our best recognition of this we choose the All Good as this central theme. In the same way reading through Torah there is a central them arond which revolves the thinking process. This central theme is God, and the thinking process is Israel with their many adventures, trials, triumphs and failures. Individuals become a rallying point for a thought that has acted as a catalyst in bringing together the rest of the people (thoughts) into a common unity. Great figures move the entire thinking process up a level as we see with Abraham, Issac and Jacob. Joseph represents another level as well. Moses as the giver of law represents the highest point reached which is as giver of law or Will allows Israel to move from slavery (undifferentiated thinking, no center, no upward movement in terms of free will) into freedom of expression. This freedom of expression is characterized and culminated by their entrance into the promised land.

The promised land is the manifestation of the thinking process fully actualized in form. It is Law or Will that directs this entire process. In the instances in Torah where there is Divine intervention, there occurs a recognition of the entire process from the Will to direct, the desire to receive, and the resultant action or manifestation which is the perfection both of the direction and the reception. The Will to direct or promote or enlighten our thinking is always there. It can however be siphoned off by our resistance to the acceptance of this kind of process within ourselves. When we try to ignore this process which operates to perfect our world, we actually make things worse for ourselves. We use the very thing which could totally free us to enslave us. We close our minds but what is really happening is that we are using this Will or Law to subvert our thinking. After enough painful experiences we learn enough to stop this and come around to recognition that we can use Will or Law to direct our lives in the perfect pattern of abundant living in every way imaginable.

In the last part of Deuteronomy, Moses warns and predicts that the people will go astray and go through all kinds of hardships. He reminds us to turn to God for our salvation. What he is telling us is that when we return to a recognition of the the Law-Will within us we can direct our lives accordingly. If we act from a reactive nature only, that is not recognizing this capacity we have within, then we will not be fulfilled and will suffer because of this. This reactive nature can be compared to the sheep in the field without the Faithful Shepherd. They wander here and there without any direction. It is a random existence and fraught with dangers. Therefore the admonishments that Moses offers and the blessings.

We are always to do the Will of the Creator and therefore establish thou the work of our hands upon the earth.
Those heartfelt desires you have and the wonderful purposes that are being revealed constantly to you are the infinite abundance of God. We listen. We are open to receiving our good. Through this opening we then are preparing the mold the this awareness to be formed, nurtured and brought into manifestation. We ourselves within our own being experience and accept the vision that we are given to be fruitful and multifply. We continue to accept the vision as it becomes more filled with light. Then we ourselves witness the fruition of the forms of our imagination taking place in this world.

The Faithful Shepherd exactly reproduces the Creator's thought as the Will-Law of Creation. This Will-Law of Creation is our decision maker. Our ability to choose rightly everything good for the sowing of our thinking into the Will to Receive part of our making where everything comes to be configured into the forms of the worlds upon which we live and move and have our being. As the Emerald tablet begins: "All things are from One by the mediation of One, and All things have their birth from this One thing by Adaptation.

Monday, September 22, 2003

Seek expansion out of yourself. It is the only place it can come from. Each opening lets in more light until there is a distinct brightness around the aura of your thinking. I can make this happen completely because this is happening entirely inside of myself. Release the above and channel its flows into the forms of your imaging. Intention builds the mold. Projection fills the mold. Gratitude and love give the mold life and bring forth its manifestation.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

When you seek for a thing it appears. It is in this seeking that there is an acceptance. Let go into this acceptance and receive the highest thoughts.

Friday, September 19, 2003

Torah. Why Torah? All those prayers every day. How come? Mitvahs. So many. What is up with that?

We need a plan. We need a plan for connection to God. We need a plan for our lives. Otherwise by living in this world and only reacting to each situation the best we can, we cut ourselves short of the incredible abundance that is always being offered to us.

Beyond the stories and the characters and the lessons that Torah teaches there is of course a divine purpose. We are being trained as a person. We are being trained as a people. This training is about the only game in town. It is the why and the how our thoughts work together to produce everything that we experience. There are no exceptions. If you were to design a machine that does our will you would produce some of our most advanced computers. However these computers work within the parameters that are outward producing. We still have to place the inside information within them in order to process their functionality.

Consider the ark, the temple and the many details which go into their making. Why do we all need to know how to make this temple which now no longer stands? It is because we aren't building an outer temple at all but the inner design of our thinking. We are building constantly our template for living in this world and experiencing everything that we are thinking about it. We are miners of cosmic energy. We are given the ability to tranmute this energy into thought and then into forms of our making. It is our responsibility to take only the highest grades of thought into our internal being. The lower grades need seasoning and must be sent back for additional processing. This processing takes place because of our awareness of their capabilities, the capacities inherent in thought from lowest to highest grades of material. This material can be said to be spiritual. Spirit in this case refers to thought before our making and after our making. Thought or spirit is unlimited. At a certain point in our making spirit becomes holy. This holy spirit is our own permutation of the malleable spirit now imbued with our sense of being. Movements take place within this spirit that raises this spirit or thought to the level of unification. It becomes like other thoughts that have been raised and it is added to this holy thought, with its own energy of being now unified with the whole of being that is becoming transformed. In the world around you this happens every moment.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Make the connection.
Expand your mind to fill your soul.
That's the point.
Expand by letting go.
Leave the ego behind.
The dweller on the threshhold is the gatekeeper.
All negativity is kept out and recycled this way.
All thoughts are devices for inner awareness.
Once the dweller in place, that is once you understand that you have the power to produce a non permeable mind filter to stop the negativity from interfering with your process of unfoldment, you join with and are one with God.
The will to give and the will to receive work flawlessly producing everything you need. Everything you want. No exceptions.

Go deep within allowing thoughts to expand, filling your awareness with everything you could imagine and all of it good. Remember the dweller catches everything amiss. We are used to spending so much time defending this and that, but now with the device of the dweller on the threshhold in place, we are free to soar. Everything becomes possible.

Look at the letters YHVH. Consider the shapes in English and not in Hebrew.
The Y, a tree, life in extension, symbol of our expanding thoughts.
The H, the unification of two which become one. Our thoughts unifying through our attention to our central purpose.
The V, the penetration of the seeds of thought into the great mother, through Binah opening up to fill the world with our creations-formations, the outpicturing of thought into form.
The H, again stability, opposites harmonized, the form realized. Our dreams come true. Heaven on Earth. Immortality. Divine Consciousness.

A hint here and just one. The dweller on the threshhold is only put in place after you have learned to watch and listen to your thinking and make the right choices along the way. Then in one miraculous moment the dweller appears, negativity now becomes dissipated into its undifferentiated energy (sin no more), and you are filled with abundance of vision to make your world into the Garden of Eden of your choosing.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Question was asked about why Yud Bet Mem, the 70th of the names of God has a regular Mem and not a final Mem.

-----Keep in mind these 72 names are generated by using the Atbash cypher.

Exodus 14: Verses 19-21 are the source for these names.
There are 72 letters in verse 19 and verse 20 and verse 21.

Take the 1st letter of verse 19, which is Vav, Take the last letter of verse 20, which is Heh.
Take the 1st letter of verse 21, which is Vav.
This generates the first name, Vav Heh Vav.

Take the 2nd letter of verse 19, which is Yud, Take the 2nd to last letter of verse 20, which is Lamed.
Take the 2nd letter of verse 21, which is Yud.
This generates the second name, Yud Lamed Yud.

the direction is right to left starting from the first letter with verse 19
left to right starting with the last letter of verse 20
right to left starting with the 1st letter of verse 21

Verse 19 contributes the first letter of each name
Verse 20 contributes the 2nd letter of each name
Verse 21 contributes the 3rd letter of each name

Follow this sequence until you reach Yud Bet Mem
This is the third to the last name or the 70th name.

Yud Bet Mem is generated by taking the 70th or third to the last letter of Exodus 14 verse 19 which is Yud
The third letter of verse 20 which is Bet
The 70th letter of verse 21 which is Mem (not final)

It is a code, a cypher.
Here is an answer for a student who feels she is in a rut and cannot figure out what to do. They want to help others but do not know where to start.

------I have to tell you. You are in charge here. No one else. You don't have to make a career out of helping others, only be aware that when you can you do.

First you get your act together. Forget your past. Visualize clouds dissipating on a bright sunny day. The clouds come from the ego. The sun from your self always residing in the Garden of Eden.

A good way to start helping others is to send them love. Start with five of your closest people and individually and enmasse send them your love, your good wishes, your blessings for a life of fulfillment. Be elaborate here and take your time. You don't need to tell then you are doing this.

You need to act, to express the good that your creator is constantly sending you.

If you are a student, study or write. Music, art, dance, drama, any of these will help you to unwind that soul of yours. Most importantly is your daily work on yourself.

Write down what you need in your life. Make this list for yourself. Helping others cannot be accomplished until we ourselves get it right. People learn by example. Start making an example of yourself. You deserve everything. The creator is sending this to you now. Open up and feel the all encompassing love of the creator filling you and inspiring. The purpose of this exercise is to open up your heart and mind to the possibilities already there inside of yourself.

Begin with yourself. Invent new ways to create a positive thought atmosphere around yourself. You are working with your very being, the essence of you. As a sculptor shapes the clay of his figures, you too shape the mind stuff into thoughts which then picture themselves in your life as forms and living things. This is why it is so important to have your main focus on positive visions.

If you find you cannot help yourself and you keep thinking negativity, here is another trick learned through the years. Surround yourself with a psychic cloak of invisibility. This prevents the mind stuff from breaking into negative images. It keeps it in stasis until you have the presence of mind to actively shape your thinking into being. Try this my friend and you will never be disappointed. You will change the movie and your life will start to flow in the course that the creator has already provided.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

A continuation of KiTetze:

The birds nest and the young and the dam. You can take the young or the eggs but not the dam that it may go well with thee.
The symbols here are about the higher influences, the upper sephirot of Chokmah and Binah. The dam or the progenitor is left alone because the source of all good cannot be stopped. Birth must keep taking place. The product of this birth, the eggs and the young are fair game in that their purpose is to be brought into manifestation. You are essentially harvesting them. Taking the mother or dam alone leaves your harvest without nurture. In this case your thoughts without the certainty of their issuing forth. The young and the eggs are your understanding of the products of your thinking. In each case can they be taken because thought builds upon itself and flows according to divine wisdom.

Every house must be builded with a parapet, so as not to bring blood upon the house should a man fall from it.
The house is your own internal unity of thinking. The wall or parapet is Torah or the unity and the man is the initiating force. There must always be a place to begin from in order to promote harmony and unity in thinking. Torah or the protection of Torah as a series of unified expressions of unity provides this fence or starting point for the extension of inspiration and new Torah meanings.

Thou shalt not sow thy vineyard with two kinds of seed; lest the fulness of the seed which thou hast sown be forfeited together with the increase of the vineyard. The seeds are your initial inspirations, the vineyard the place of higher thought from wine and intoxication, the sense of letting go is here. The fulness is the ripening of a seed which overshadows the growth of dual ideas competing for manifestation. Be clear. Be one in your sowing and then be one in your reaping.

Thou shalt not plow with an ox and an ass together. Everything you use to promote your ideas into manifestation must be harmonious in their actions together. An Ox and a donkey would pull in opposite directions therefore defeating your purpose. Again the idea of one and of unity is presented.
This is in response to someone who can't figure out why after trying for over forty years of studying Kabbalah and other spirituality they still haven't reached salvation. They still have doubts about this. My answer is below. It applies to this person and all of us.

Forget the books. In your case they haven't inspired you to look within. You have forgotten to let go which the books in their own way have been telling you.

The answer turns out to be simple. Let go of the you that is trying so hard. Your salvation is right here today in this moment as you are reading these words. If not now when.

Forget about the sufferings of others. What they need from you is not an affirmation of their suffering, but an example of your liberation. In this case misery does not want company.

Be an example by working on your thinking to make it cheerful. Actively promote the good within yourself. Make it up as you go along. Try this for one day. Try promoting your happiness within by telling yourself about every good thing you can think of. One way is to give. Give love within to those you love and those you have a problem loving. Give love to yourself. Find new ways to promote your own happiness through sharing and giving and receiving. Be attentive to what you receive in response to this continuing attitude you are making. This is your salvation. It can only come from within.

This is a huge responsibility but afterwhile it really is a childs game of amusement. Why are children so carefree and happy? They let go all the time to receive their good. The good is always there. Get out of your own way. Listen for your good. This isn't a silly exercise but the path to salvation which continues every day. Once your certainty is established in this, then and only then can you help those who are suffering. Until then, if you have not mastered your self control by resisting negativity, those who are suffering are the worse off for any attention you may give them. Clean your own house first and keep it clean.

Your complaints about not making it are part of the problem. Stop these.

YOU MADE YOUR DOUBTS. You made your doubts by holding on to them in your mind. You made your doubts by telling others about them and listening to others tell you their doubts. I assume you did not know any better. Now you've been told. There can no longer be any more excuses.

STOP MAKING YOUR DOUBTS. Dismiss them. Dissipate them. Refuse to accept them. Free will remember. Free will to choose what to think about. It is this choice which is your salvation. Make your certainty the same way. Produce it from within. Choose good thoughts Hold on to certainty. Write down good thoughts. Count your blessings, hug your wife, make your own happiness within moment by moment along your path of realization. Yes you have a calling. It is to be yourself and to be happy as your Creator keeps sending you happiness each moment. Listen and practice the exercise above until you are able to make it through one twenty four hour period of happiness, including your sleep and into the next morning. Then you know it's working and can continue this exercise indefinitely for the rest of your life.

Lighten up. Have fun. You are always a child. Act your age. Be small. Open with awe to your creator who has been waiting all this time for you to really listen. Look up with wonder.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Creation and Evolution are not mutually exclusive. "Kabbalah" is a method of inquiry into the mysteries of the universe.
Creation is clearly a process of Evolution.
From "without form and void", to "let there be light,"to the "heavens and earth", to myriad creatures, flying things, and then man. Even after man there is evolution, "these are the generations of ..." Keep it simple. From thought follows form. Thought is endless, unimaginable. That's where the starting point is. Before thought, Being and Knowing.
The process of creation is a mystery. The real question is whether a person is ready to let go into the mystery.
Kabbalah is based on the Torah which was written long before Darwin's theory. It would therefore be impossible for Torah to speak to Darwin's theory because Torah obviously predates the Darwin theory, by thousands of years. Science 3000 years ago was in the beginnings of its development. Darwin's theory is in large part dependent upon the Creation story which gives a progression of forms. It's just that Darwin began his story after the beginning and did not try and delve into the mystery of creation itself. So in this case the chicken is Creation and the egg Darwin, in the sense that the one begat the other. Darwin's theory attempts to give a logical progression of form in as much detail as he had the information for at the time. Darwin choose only to look at the outer world while Kabbalah's realm is the inner world which brings about the outer existence

Monday, September 08, 2003

The main question that fills Ki Tetze is how does the Shekhinah transform undifferentiated consciousness into the designs of thought and the patterns of form. All through this process the Shekinah is active. Let's see how in regarding the individual mitzvahs this all works out.

In the first mitvah concerning the foreign woman who is desired by the man capturing her in battle, we look at the symbols to investigate the meanings underlying this. The man or the initiating part of consciousness can only gain control of the foreign woman, who respresents a concept which is formed on the basis of self examination found in confronting the ego mind. These type of thoughts can only be used if they are stripped of their ego like elements. In the case, the outer covering of these klippot like thoughts is represented by the fingernails and hair of the foreign born woman. It is entirely possible that the man or the initiating consciousness will reject this woman after all which is the one month waiting period prescribed. If not then stripped of any ego manifestations, the thought is unified or married with the initiating consciousness.

Next are the two wives, two sons, the inheritance, the hated wife, and first fruits. Two wives represent the choices for transmission of thought into form already symbolized by the two sons. Both it turns out must manifest (inheriatance) because of the unity (wife) in which it is presented. Hated in this case symbolizes a regret and a neglect of a part of this unity, however in order for unity to manifest at all it must manifest completely, therefore the hated son must be given a double portion in order to insure the promulgation of that thought embodied in the son that is hated as well as the loved son. If the one doesn't come forth, then neither will the other. It is an operation of qualifications.

Then comes the stubborn son, mother, and father. When the initiating consciousness, the father, or Chokmah sends forth its idea and it gestates in Binah and then issues forth, this idea begins to take form. If this idea does not follow the customary or indicated process of manifestion in that it begins to deviate from the path of righteousness in that it appears to produce ill, rather than good a thorough examination of this idea is called for. If this idea is still not amenable to straighten out its tendrils of issue then this thought is terminated by the community (the unity or the One of unifications)

The man who commits a sin and is hanged must be cut loose before evening so as no to be an abomination. Here we are talking about the evil inclination, the error of wrong thinking. The mistake of using the initiating intelligence to disrupt the unity of One. The only remedy for this is to cut off this thought, this errant. It must be cut loose by evening in order not to be an abomination. The abomination in this case is to accept this evil thought and thereby corrupt the unity. Acceptance is basically sleeping on it allowing this thought to permutate and develope new associations within the unity which perverts its purpose. Therefore before the evening falls this man is to be buried, this incorrect errant thought is to be cut off and buried. This being done, Israel (the unity can move on)

Thy brothers ox, ass or whatever is lost must be returned. The main question here is who is the brother? Within the unity are realms of ideas. In each realm there are shared ideas and some ideas which are meaningful to a specific realm of thought. The ass or oxen are symbols for the tools used to keep ideas going. Each idea has its signature. It is brought in by a specific calling. Sometimes there are ideas which are wonderful but not for ourselves. They belong to another area of manifestation. Were we to work with these ideas we would cause disharmony in the general flow of the unity which is why we are told to take back these ideas to their owner. This means to recognize that they are not ours to work with. They are to be reunited with the central thought thereby increasing the unity.

The ass or oxen that has fallen must be helped up. The same thing applies here although in a different aspect. When doubts (the fallen ox) occur in cooresponding thoughts they need to be bolstered by our help, by our direct intervention in terms of strengthening those thoughts (helping lift up) that are temporarily distressed. In this way the unity is maintained and bolstered.

Men shall not wear women's clothing, and visa versa, otherwise an abomination. There is a hierarchy of thinking that allows the swiftest idea to remain on top. Were we to reverse this order, instability results and therefore the abomination which is a perversion of the unity.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

It was a difficult Parsha this week's Ki Tetze. The symbols were many and the relationships not readily apparent. Still the basic symbols of Virgin, Father, Israel, Shekinah all point to an astonishing process whereby mind not only comes to know itself but becomes intimately involves in all of creation.
First the foreign born woman taken in capture in battle: This is a thought from other than the immediate inspiration of I AM. In order to prove this thought it must undergo a bareness of its inner core, or literally, shaving the hair from the woman and paring her nails, to see if in thirty days this thought is still appealing and viable. If so, then you marry this woman-this thought you take unto yourself in unity with all else. If you decide not to keep this woman then you are to release her not for gain or as a slave. This comes to mean if this idea does not suit you, let it go completely. Don't promote or speak of this to anyone. Let it go completely. Do not deceive others by this thought. There is much more here which I am sure will surface during this week of meditation on this Parsha. Keep tuned for further insights.

Friday, September 05, 2003

Elohim as Creator appears first because in Genesis Elohim comes first as creator of the heavens and earth, everything up to and including man.

YHVH Elohim or Lord God, doesn't appear until Gen: 2:4 ...." These are the generations of the heaven and of the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made earth and heaven." In this case there is a definite difference. One (Elohim), is now Two (Elohim, YHVH). The term made is used as opposed to created. It could be we are looking at another level, Keter and then Chokmah, or Atziluth and then Briah. It is food for thought.

Further YHVH Elohim continues as the principle actor until Gen 3:3 when Eve tells the serpent that Elohim says not to eat of the tree in the center of the garden. Once they eat of this tree, then YHVH Elohim returns walking in the garden. There is lots to think on here. I leave this for your perusal.

In Genesis 4:1 "And the man knew Eve his wife; and she conceived and bore Cain, and said: 'I have gotten a man with the help of the LORD" This is the first time YHVH is used alone. Another level has been reached. Much here to think on as well. My take on YHVH is that it is the I AM that Moses speaks to. Now we are in the world of Yetzirah.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Resolving the inner voice is the primary goal of all endeavors of Kabbalah. Resisting the evil inclination after a time becomes resolved with a unification with the good inclination. It is a surprising development simply because it had seemed there was a battle going on between the forces of good and evil. It turns out not to be this at all. This is because the goal in mind, is unification across all levels, all times, all conceptualities.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

The Mind is circumscribed by thought, everything impinging upon it all at once. It is a sea of consciousness only navigable by direct intention. The feeling of being lost or helpless in these waters, is common to those sailors whose attention wavers or is misdirected. Everything must be made to serve the One, even the most commonplace actions, even those actions which have no apparent relationship but still the attention must be directed from within with the end in Mind. Yes there are eddies, pools, lakes, and streams, backwashes, inlets, peninsulas, rivers, oceans, vast areas of fathomless space, and droplets like rain collecting into puddles on city streets. It is the inner knowing that you are guided along these ways by your choices each moment as you discover within the light to open up and prepare your way. It is then to this light that your attention must be directed and your listening heart will feel where your mind is taking you today, right now, for no other time but here and now.
No one will do this for you. No one will make this happen but yourself. Waiting for it to happen by scanning the void will not work either. It is active listening that is required. Listen for the One within to provide this and every answer. When you look around you have the feeling of having it already done. Breathe into this feeling. Become one with it. It cannot be a part of something unless it is a part of everything. Do not make wishes. Command your consciousness, your Mind to issue forth that which you are intent upon. Command not as master to a slave but rather as a Lord to a subject. Mind is subject to Will. Nothing is more important than the understanding of this concept. It is the Magnum Opus. Mind accomplishes its Will through a series of unifications resulting from the Certainty of Will.
In order to build the pathway to your hearts desire you must first establish certainty.
This is akin to lining up the sights on a rifle so that they are true to target.
There is nothing that takes place outside of I am.
Every thought is an identification of some kind.
Each level traversed is an acknowledgement of that identification.
So it has been from the beginning and so it shall remain.
You cannot take thought but it must be given unto you.
Remain in the place of your deepest contemplation and there discover the meanings, which will reveal the way.
Then and only then, issue forth into being that which was the object of the contemplation.

Someone once asked me, “How does all of this work? There are all of these symbols and spiritual expressions but it will take me a lifetime to figure all of that out. How do I know that at the end of my studies, I really get there?”

My answer was this: “If we think of the Tree of Life glyph with all of its symbols, worlds and pathways there is much to meditate upon. However before starting to meditate it may be easier to provide you with an idea which can be superimposed upon this Tree of Life in order to show you how things work by analogy.
Take a look at a living tree. The Oak tree for example. There it is standing thirty feet in the air. The leaves at the top are full and green. What provides the food and sustenance for these leaves. Yes it is the earth with its minerals and water but the inspiration for passing all the way up the trunk and branches is the sunlight these leaves receive. This sunlight is a subtle but most powerful force. It penetrates the leaves, the earth and it’s very essence causes the sap to flow upwards against gravity. All of the branches-pathways of the tree are watered and nourished. Without this sunlight the tree cannot continue. There is no life without light.
You in the manifestation of your being mirror this Oak tree. Our bodies are of a grosser element. It is why sunlight alone is not enough to cause the blood to flow as the sap flows in the tree. We need for this a pumping station called the heart. Still what sustains us. What gives us life? Where is the intelligence of this life? After a sophisticated body isn’t enough, there must be something else which operates like the sun does for the plants and trees.
There is. It is the same force in operation which projects the sunlight. We recognize this force in our being as Will, or Will to Good. It is the shaping, conducting, differentiating force. In order to understand this it is helpful to understand the basic composition of the energy of the universe. Everything starts out as undifferentiated substance. It is the nothing which contains everything. Don’t try and figure out what nothing is. Just accept it as a starting point. Divine Will causes light to enter into the awareness of this nothing which responds to this light by becoming everything which the light reveals to itself about the nothing. The process whereby the light creates, shapes and forms out of this nothing is called thinking. Our thoughts are the results of the nothing taking the forms of our thoughts in varying degrees of complexity.
Now to answer the question of how do I get there. Recognition of the underlying processes leads to a greater understanding. It allows not only greater unity in Mind but insures that the operation of Will is unhindered by ego generated blocks. With practice you will begin to be able to jump from nothing to something of greater complexity with more of a unification of consciousness. This process is what underlies revelation, where all of a sudden you have a new idea or way of looking at things. It is in fact the purpose of this answer to provide that new way of thinking that you can incorporate into your spiritual studies. Taking these ideas and then reading Torah and the Zohar provides additional impetus for revelation. Torah itself is like walking into a Tesseract. A Tesseract is a house built in four or more dimensions. Torah leads us into revelation and the Zohar is an example of a way to reveal these revelations. Every experience is a personal one where certainty is learned and rehearsed until it becomes second nature. Certainty is your own awareness of the inner workings of your own connection to HaShem-the One Will to good. Operating through you is in essence how it all works.

Monday, September 01, 2003

The operation of mind upon itself deepens the awareness setting the stage for even more intense contemplation to the point where manifestation takes place increasing around the object of the meditation. Continued concentration is only made possible through persistent resistance of the ego mind set. Be patient in this because for a lifetime this mind set has been grooved and it will by default come in to interrupt your thinking and cause you to react with negativity to some situations. Each of us has vulnerabilities in certain areas. It is what the Kabbalah calls our Tikkune. By recognizing our Tikkune and resisting the pressures to react, we build our consciousness with the cornerstone of Kabbalah, sharing, giving without hesitation. This opens up for us all of those areas that have been blocked by the ego’s constant buildup of the debris of mind stuff. These openings occur in every area of your life, especially in those areas where you have placed the most faith and purpose in your life. Once these openings are put in the everyday operation inside of your life your deepest inner callings come to you. It is important to heed these calls from your higher self and not to dismiss them. Act then with the purpose of your inner mind all the while maintaining your awareness of your connection. Continue to reach for a more complete understanding. Bring in the new thoughts that arise from your meditations in areas of higher thought. Go beyond always where you are. Let go to receive the beneficence of divine inspiration called the Shekinah. When you are filled with the warmth of this greatest of all loving feelings, know that you yourself are the vessel and are being prepared for even more transformation through the agency of the Divine Will. Once you have reached this highest level of your thinking get to know the pattern of this awareness. Return to it via every method you can remember or invent in the moment.
Now from this purpose revealed there is the inflowing of the Divine Will following the pattern of the Zimzum, lightning flash of inspiration. Here thoughts turn into form. Recognize yourself in the various forms that do appear and learn to heed your higher voice and resist the egos inflow. Cultivate the stillness so that in time you will know the location of your higher thoughts. In this way the ego can no longer fool you into walking its twisted roads.
One way to turn around a reactive situation into which you start to respond to is to remember the love you feel. This love can be for HaShem, or another person or even a favorite pet, a place, etc. The ego faced with these kinds of thoughts backs away in bewilderment. Continue the pattern of love until the ego recedes or melts into the background. Then experience the connection. It is a physical as well as a spiritual feeling. Warmth flows up from the spine in DNA like fashion splitting at the solar plexus, spiraling around the heart, back to DNA double helix through the throat, filling both hemispheres of mind, Chokmah and Binah and then upward with a multitude of tendril like invisible energy signatures to connect with the Shekinah above and on either side.
The Shekinah is called the Divine Presence. It is always there. You are aware of the Shekinah or Divine Presence when you make the connection. You make the connection through acts of sharing. These acts of sharing are Threefold. One is to share directly with others substance, wisdom, inspiration, time, etc. Two is to share your spirit as when you are praying for healing for someone. Three is to love HaShem or another with a full heart and unconditionally. In this way the connection is approached and then accepted. The connection is always given however it is not always accepted. Your acceptance is your ability to resist the ego’s impulses, which obscure the truth of the connection. It is a kind of veil, which you’ll pass through when you resist at the point of greatest connection. That is when the connection is perceived and all you need do is open up your heart. In this moment then and only then, do you receive and accept the connection. Remember you can reach for the connection in every moment, especially when you are feeling uncertain. It is the way to certainty and what every tool of Kabbalah is trying to teach you. Let go of your resistance to HaShem. Turn your back on the ego and it’s allurements. If you keep going following the intention to make the connection whenever possible, you will soon experience such deep moments of unity that everything in your life will change accordingly. This includes all circumstances where there is the appearance of lack including, love, health and money. It is to this connection then that all efforts must be continually directed. Each time you experience the connection it is a triumph for all of us. Continue now in this moment as thy will is done.

If you only knew all the help you have available to you in every moment you would never worry about anything ever again. This help was setup from the beginning with the understanding that there would be complete unity in every moment because of this help. There aren’t any problems without solutions, sicknesses without cures,
Herein follows another explanation of the verses Ex: 14: 19-21
From which the 72 names are derived from.

This is accomplished by analysis of the terms used and their everyday common usage in today’s language and thought forms.

The principal cast of characters are:

The sea. HaYam Undifferentiated Consciousness
The Camp of Israel MaHanai Yisroel Unification of Consciousness
The Camp of the Egyptians MaHanai Mitrayim Split Consciousness
The Lord YHVH I AM
The Pillar of Cloud HeAhNav Mivnahem Eternal Presence of the Wayshower
Angel of God Malach HaElohim Higher Consciousness
Moses Mosheh Certainty of Consciousness

The Sea: It is here that we must cross to obtain our freedom. There are no forms here, only potentialities. Life is what we make it. Divine substance all around us molding itself to our thinking and Being.

The Camp of Israel: Once the mind realizes itself or becomes aware of its own inner function it seeks to become a part of the greater whole. View mind here as thoughts that are seeking the unity of higher expression. This is the reality of thinking. It is no coincidence that Israel has as it root in English “real, or reality.” I know one came after the other but the connection cannot be denied even if it cannot be proven etymologically.

The Camp of the Egyptians: All those thoughts that attempt to pull you down. This represents everything that tries to subjugate your mind to its influences. This is the ego mind of separation. Here there is the illusion of wealth, power, influence, etc, but not the substance of it.

The Lord: Our identification with the one self is represented here. It is our highest calling to which we constantly aspire to. By becoming more of ourselves we become closer to the representation symbolized by the Lord. Every action undertaken with this symbol as its focal point must result in transformation.

The Pillar of Cloud: Stairway to Heaven. Like an arrow pointing to our connection this symbol acts according to our needs in terms of rising above the mundane consciousness.
It is a creation of The Lord in order to provide a constant reminder and Way Shower to the pathways of peace. It is also a veil that is impenetrable in either direction. In many ways this represents the Torah which they are about to receive once they escape this present dilemma. It is Torah that is urging them onwards and protecting them and guiding them. Our thoughts need direction and Torah provides these directions in its inner and outer veils.

Angel of God: It is our inspiration, our Shekinah. It is the gentle nudge of Divine Will manifesting itself in our lives. From inspiration comes recognition of Divinity and then Certainty of action.

Moses: This is the action of I am through us. It is the directing force transforming Divine Will into Thy Will be done.

Okay that is the cast with their roles well defined. Now for the action which takes place discussed in terms of the meanings given above.

Background story: After years of straining to achieve a unity of purpose and after realizing the unity of that purpose, these higher thoughts break off from the inertia of the divided mind and move to establish the unity of one mind.

Conflict: In order to break completely free of the divided mind (Egypt) these thoughts (Israel) face the prospect of entering now as a unity into the realm of undifferentiated mind (the Sea) where due to the uncertain nature of undifferentiated mind, the cohesion or unity of Israel is threatened even to the possibility of a loss of this unity. Going forward (into the Sea) without this cohesion or unity would mean annihilation. Meanwhile in pursuit or in the background being held back by Torah, or the law of unity is the swarm of thoughts that make up divided mind which seeks to regain the energy from the recent departure of a part of its realm. To be engulfed now by Divided Mind would mean absorption and the effective annihilation of unity.


Inspiration(Angel of God) produces the certainty of the appearance of Torah seen now as a Pillar Cloud because it is still forming and waiting to be delivered later. Even in its earliest representations it has the power to intercede between the unity of higher thoughts
and divided mind. Ultimately through the action of certainty (Moses) of stretching out his hand, becoming one with Divine Will, the Lord then caused or carried the actions then visualized by Moses who is the active force of the unity of higher thought working in concert to then make their own world. The appearance of this new world is symbolized by the dry land. Moses and Israel changed the movie then and there. Walking through on their own volition, now with direction established, they cross to the other side. The other side is where unity is established. It is where certainty is.
While they are walking through the undifferentiated consciousness, divided mind is slowed down and then entirely consumed. Only then did Israel or unity of thought come into its own and become totally clear and free.

In our own lives we can do the same thing with all of our problems relying on these symbols to work the very same magic with any situations which may arise.
Hold to the unity of thought. That is our purpose. Keep moving and being inspired and let the Torah and Zohar guide you along the way. In Torah and Zohar are the paths of unity. It is to unity of thinking that we are to achieve then the oneness of being which then fulfills our lives in whatever it is we are. Our problems or divided mind will be left behind and ours is the choice to let go and let the divine will be the outcome of our every purpose and expression. We too go through the sea of undifferentiated consciousness every day. It is our purpose however to be triumphant completely over doubt and to have certainty and fulfillment in every moment. Use this metaphor in all situations where there you are seeking unity and to leave behind the divided mind.

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